chuck russo va /

i ave decided i am gonna keep my targa lx and buy a puch another day

papa don't preach

brian phillips /

he's keeping his tomos.

Re: papa don't preach

Sprint Man /

Good thinkin

puchs rule

dude puch's rule and they are 30 times better built then a tomos. just one example is the clutches in the tranny Never wear out. the parts last forever if you have them, and the amount of perf stuff you can get for them is fenominal

now tomos is also good quality but there is the benifit of the parts avaliablility. now whoever says a tomos engine can outperform a puch one they are gravely wrong. i smoke anyone who challenges me to a race with there puny little tomos moped. i only race 70cc mopeds. mine is amzing and not much will beat it cept a suped up scooter or derbi gpr i have a puch free spirit with puch magnum front hydrolic fork and a sealed bearing rear wheel. 20 tooth front and 40 rear two speed trans which is amazingly powerful with a 70cc kit

so never underestimate the power of a puch

Re: puchs rule

Ivan, I bet Ree could slap a 70cc on a Tomos, tweek it out with some weapontry and smoke your Puch!

A lot depends on the track.

Reeperette /

Performance on a straight line, like a 1/4 mile, versus an oval track, or city-rally...or hell, even dirt, some mopeds will clobber others.

Now with a hefty budget...lets just say I could prolly get a Tomos pushin about 4 Horsepower...remember yer talkin to one of the pair who's hand building a variant Tomos engine, too.

But you'd be hard pressed to find to peds of equal settings and whatnot, sheesh, even the tires begin different can change things...and rider experience factors in majorly.

All that bein said ? it's not outrunnin me one would hafta worry about....unless you actually meant you were gonna have rules or somethin <smirk>.

Tomos and Puch are both sweet, I've owned either one in my time, and prefer Tomos simply cause I know the Tomos transmission system well enough to fix it, better than Puch.

That and parts availability.


Re: A lot depends on the track.

InfectedBootSector /

Shit man... I take what I can ride, although I am very fond of Puch for the simple fact that I know them. I disagree with the Puch 2 speed being good though. that thing is a Yugo waiting to happen. Especially with 70cc pushing it.

Re: A lot depends on the track.

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