79 motobecane pedal chain problem

ok yesterday me and my friend hilary were out cruising on my 79 mobylette

and all of a sudden while going over a grassy hill (it wasn't really bumpy or

anything) something made a weird noise and my pedals were moving along with

the tires very quickly. i stopped the ped and then it wouldn't move at all

forward pushing it or pedaling it. after a while of trying to prognose the

problem i just removed the pedal chain and push started it up and we proceed

at about 5 mph (maximum speed since we found that since the pedals kept

moving at really high speeds we were having serious wobbling problems and

also danger zone ouch pedals) to my friend ryan's house where i borrowed a

socket wrench to remove the pedals and after that it rode fine. so whenever

the pedal chain is on it refuses to move forward but when taken off it rolls

fine sprocket and all (it moves backwards regardless of the chain being on or

off though cause of the flywheel). what could this possibly be? i was looking

at the chain tensioner cause it\'s really the only "extra part" in the mix of

the 2 sprockets the chain rolls over. could it have snapped or just been

knocked off it somehow? i'll try and post the pictures here if you could, let

me know if 1. it is fully intact and 2. if part 1 position is correct or if

part 2 position is correct and 3. if you can try and explain where exactly

the chain travels amongst it. i was stupid enough to not remember the

original configuration. i'm thinking this can't be a major problem but i just

can't seem to find the solution to it.

position 1

<img src = "http://members.aol.com/yoinkze/part1.jpg">;

position 2

<img src = "http://members.aol.com/yoinkze/part2.jpg">;

dave -moped army-

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