New to mopeds, need advice...

Well all, greetings and I'm hoping you can help me out with a few questions I have.

This would have been delayed a bit, but for the fact my '67 Chevy II's engine died and some stupid redneck plowed into my E150 conversion van completely totaling it. (On a good note all I got was a scratch the size of a dime on my arm from friction. =^

RE: New to mopeds, need advice...

I have a puch, which is really reliable, but very hard to come by for parts. Since you live by the moped junkyard tho, that shouldnt be a problem. I've never had a Tomos, but I've heard good things about them. In general, mopeds are easy to maintain and are very reliable, so whatever you decide on, you should be happy with.

Hope this helps


RE: New to mopeds, need advice...

Reeperette /

The quick answer ?

Buy the Targa.

As for the details - Tomos is one of the easiest to maintain, get parts for, all that jazz, but personally I have found them both simple to repair, and every bit as reliable as death and taxes, Puch is very close, but your having a Tomos dealer or cycle shop that also sells them, locally - clinches the issue.

Be prepared to do a full brake job on any used 'ped you buy though, see my other post for more words on that.

(Scroll down to Thread - TOMOS TARGA Answers, if anyone is intrested...)


Thanks Ree and by the way...

I live over on the Eastern Shore of Maryland...

I know Baltimore's streets and have terrorized them many a time in my E150 and I have one hell of a lot of respect for you for braving them so long on a moped. (note, I never threatened moped riders I like them too much)

And you're right, the cops are no help at all, the people are rude as hell (and violent), but otherwise it's an ok town as long as you carry a billy club and some nice armor. (Full leather trench, combat boots, several knives, long chain, and the aforementioned club for me)

I think the worst thing is my van didn't die a death gloriously in the battle of driving in B-more, but instead hit by a stupid redneck who didn't even know how to hit his brakes in the middle of Salisbury. grumbles

Here's hoping for safer drivers and more 'peds on the road.


RE: Thanks Ree and by the way...

rock on.

RE: Thanks Ree and by the way...

It may be hard to find, but I recommend a Honda C50. They are very reliable. They use about half the feul most other mopeds do (around 140 MpG, sometimes they use even less). It's a geared moped with power throughout the entire revving range, that gives a very comfortable drive. 100.000 miles on just one cylinder and piston is no exception, if you treat it good it should be able to do more than that. It's got legshields, footpegs, a buddyseat (seat for 2), winker bulbs, good lights, brake lights and it's an absolute classic. Best of all is that it's got a fourstroke engine, so no oilmixture but leaded gas and no stinking blue fumes from the exhaust while the exhaust is clogging up with black goo. It has a really cool engine sound (espacially when you remove the muffler!). The Honda C50 is the best sold moped in the world (just not in the US). There were more than 30 million peds sold wich says enough about what other people think about that bike.

And besides all that it's really easy to make this bike run a lot faster if you've got the version with contactbreaker-ignition, it doesn't work on the one with CDI ignition. Inside the flywheel there's two little swingarms that will move outwards when the revs rise because of centrifugal forces. When they move outwards they shift the contactbreaker-cam so the ignition will be retarded and the bike just doesn't have power at high revs. This is how the bike is limited to 30 Mph. If you block the swingarms (with a little piece of iron wire or two parker-screws) the ignition wont be retarded. If you combine this with setting the contact breakers to start opening about half an inch before the F-mark on the flywheel reaches the top mark in the carter (advancing the spark a bit), than this ped will run about 40-45 Mph.

P.S. if the cylinderhead is making a loud ratling sound then it's not broken, you just have to reset the valve tappets. If you set them right (0.05 mm gap) you should still be able to hear the tappets, but it shouldn't be very loud.

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