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hey everyone.. I am sitting here confused as hell about what I should probly do with my peugeots. As of right now.. I am not sure if my 102 to 103 conversion will work. sure it can be done but I will need alot of 103 parts. I am really thinking about trying to find a 103 parts bike that maybe doens't run the best.. ro tha thasn't been ridin in for ever. It would be great to have 2 mopeds... both peugeots a 102 and a 103.

If I strip the 102 down.. I will still need a 103 speedometer

sidecovers Electrical stuff (none of the brackets are the same) Also new fuel inlet tub for the motor.. My front wheel on the 102 looks a little off center..and neither the new frame or my old one has a gas cap.

The whole reason I am having doubts is that my 102 is nice.. but it is a "working" moped.. a bit used and abused..

However this 103 is mint condition I hate to rig up somehting so nice.. especialy using parts and stuff off a diffren't model. I was thinking the frame I would get would be just an old one int he same repair as mine.. (without the crack)

Does anyone know where I can get a 103 parts bike.. I even have a brand new leather puegeot seat for the new frame as well as foot pegs and such. I guess Im looking for a bike that maybe needs tires is rusty or has frame dents.. maybe one with a small motor problem. If i try and buy all the parts needed seperatly it will cost me a fortune. Thanks agian..

I still am confused about what I should do..


Re: help please

Hey,Duck! E-mail this He may have something.His name is Scott and he's in Mansfield ,OH.He can ship things,no problem.Nice fellow,too!Also,how `bout the guy in California? He says he has a lot of stuff.(:^)

Re: help please

Thanks Don.. I apreciate your quick responce and your help.. I wrote those guys and also Rodney the person that really helped me with the 103 frame.

we were both thinking a 102 and 103 were basicaly the same.. but turns out it is the 104 and the 103 that are almost identicle.. the 102 is pretty darn close.. but it is the little diffrences that is going to keep this project from happening..

any other elads will be gladly taken!

Re: help please

There are a lot of peugeots out there,Duck.You'll find something soon.Post a wanted in the Buy/sell forum here.Make sure you keep at least one running `ped at all times.See ya!

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