Scooters vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!

Lee Thull /

to the death you emo-sapians.

billy jean style.

your cool hair and small engines won't save you forever. neither will your cafe mocha glasses or your thrift store sweaters.

to the death.

lee thull and the scoot boot boys have had enough of your shenanigans.

how you feelin cincinnati...comin at'cha


You're escargot,sissy boy!

Cincinnati's fine!Run your little snail on up here and we'll trade you half a moped for it.Bring 2 of `em and we might find a whole moped for you.

What is it with folks?

Reeperette /

I've never really understood this.

Now me, my preference is for mopeds cause they're more cost-effective, easier to fix, and require a lot less hassle on the red tape issue.

Also they handle rough terrain better, due to the larger wheels.

But I'll ride anything I can get my hands on, and with anything I can keep up with, or that'll keep up with me - if you wanna saddle a quarterhorse and ride with me, long as he keeps up I don't much care.

Us mopedarmy folks prefer mopeds for a multitude of reasons, and scooter folks prefer their scooters, obviously..and for asthetic reasons, this site and it's support is dedicated to mopeds exclusively, although in a pinch we'll help a scooter-pusher out, even if we do poke a little fun at their wheels in the process.

So I completely fail to comprehend where this antagonism comes from (but then, I don't much understand rice-rocket/harley antagonism either) - we both have issues with cage-pushers, similar mechanical experiences, and share a lot of the same attitudes on life, the road, and riding.

I know most of it's "in fun" as it were - but still, some folks seem to have pretty deep issues about it, which doesn't make any logical sense, but people never do, really.

Oh wanna ride with me, then ride - you wanna rumble, I'll put some iron in your diet for ya a'la chain-frenzy, tho I prefer saving that for the cagepushers.


Re: What is it with folks?

Probably just a kid tryin' to get a rise.Yeah,just fun on my part,Ree.But who knows with him?We might have to get Matt,Crisis,and Casey ta' bust him up a little...........I'd say Ike but he tosses mopeds for a living.Thull could get hurt bad. (:^)

Re: What is it with folks?

Yeah, better we circle the wagons and fend off the larger vehicles trying to smoosh us.

Maybe all of us who ride a small displacement motorbike and braves the dangers of today's roads needs to be alittle crazy...and cocky :)

Re: What is it with folks?

Yeah, I will take care of Lee.

Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!

mods are just hippies who ride snails & listen to ska instead of ride mountian bikes and listen to Phish.

that picture is hilarious, though. i'll give you that, shane.

ps: haha!


Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!

LoL... I dunno... Those terminator sunglasses look pretty tough.

casey wrote:


Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!

InfectedBootSector /

Huh? Is there more than one shane here?

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Who's Phish? I thought I was current with Peal Jam and Trance on MP3...Man...I'm OLD...

BTW, for the TROLL...

Scoots and their riders...SanFran and Liberace...Need I say more...

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Hey,Dave I ! That's tellin' him! Are you back in the States yet?Didn't bring any African bees back with you I hope!

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!

Infected, Shane is this dude that we know, who likes to get people riled up...So he comes into this forum to get a good thread going...He's not so bad. He is in a pretty good band. Here is there website:


Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Lee Thull /

Kick his ass Seabass!

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Matt-Cincy /

the cincy kids will take care of this chump.fuckin-a i hate them mods.nothing like a nice little curb stomp cant fix though.its comin real soon lee,watch your back lee.


Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Lee is going down!

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

i ran into "lee" today... rocking a BMX! haha.. but for real, he's down with helping us crash the scooter rally this spring... he just needs a ped to borrow.


Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Tell Lee -Thull a.k.a. Shane to quit wastin' my time gettin' me mad.I actually had put on my boxin' gloves with the `plaster of paris' inside!it wouldn't look good for a young punk to get whipped by a 50 yr.old Ohio boy!I saw his pic on that website and I think Matt can TAKE him. He looks to be only 5'9" with a bad back.Ya' need any help Matt,call Crisis!I'll referee!Ha!Success on your snail bashing adventure! LOL!

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

5'9" with a bad back! hahaa.... way to go, don! but the truth is, yes.. we know him. he was asking me about the snail basking party just this afternoon.

it is good to know you were ready to take up arms so quickly, though! take care..


Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Yeah,Casey!I may be old but I'm not COLD yet!Turn him from the DARK SIDE, Casey!Save his miserable soul from Scooter HADES !.....Use the FORCE,Casey!

Re: What is it with folks?

Ben Schreivogel /

I dont care what people have. If it has two wheels and a little engine, I'll ride with you and it would be awsome because there aren't enough of either of us.

Re: What is it with folks?

You're right,Ben!But I just hate havin' to stop and lift `em out of potholes all the time.Makes my back hurt!(:^)

Re: What is it with folks?

Matt-Cincy /

HAHAHA, you are f-ing awesome don.

Re: Snails vs. Mopeds WAR 2002!...Don-O?

Lee Thull /

listen don knotts I got 2 words for ya.


nah just kidding it sounded good

glad to know you were willing to kick some guys ass that you didn't know though.

"get by with a little help from my moped"

If I looked like Don Knotts.....

........I might be afraid of ya'.Since I'm big enough to make at least 2 of him,I'm not worried at all.Keep your hands in your pockets or I'll hit you so hard your shirt'll roll up your back like a window blind!Tat-tat-tat-tat-tat!Get the picture?Besides,Matt's my back-up!

Re: If I looked like Don Knotts.....

Matt-Cincy /


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