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Need parts for my Allstate moped model 810.94040 an also need to know what year it is

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There isn't really any information out there that's entirely accurate on finding the actual year it was made. I can give you a good estimate. 1965 or 6 ...or so. Possibly 64.

It's blue and white, right?

Here's a place to shop...

Motor West Inc.

I also sell manuals for them, but your year is a little later than my manuals... very similar though.. almost identical. I have 2 manuals on one CD, plus a ton of links and other info. The old manual form the first years, and the next manual, but not the one for the blue/white bikes. MW may have the manual exactly for that one though.. I am not sure. Best way to get ahold of them is to call. Matt there, also has a list he works off of, for years, but I know it's a bit off. He's very knowledgeable with these bikes. I have also done quite a bit with them in the past 10 or 12 years or so. Email me anytime if you have questions, and i'll try to answer them the best I can.


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I don't see that exact manual listed.. I see the first year one, but he may have more. Ya about have to call to know. I have that same one on CD, and a little bit later one. I also have ONE set of main bearings for sale. Brand new. I bought a larger order once. I have one set left that I can part with. I can sell them to you for $40 shipped. That's alot better price than MW's, but I do like Motor West. That's 2 main bearings.. for 40.

Matt sells seals and gaskets, etc. He also has bearings. Email me if you are interested. I'd like to see your bike!

my email^

Edit: Oh.. and I sell my manual CD's for $10 each. (edited)

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I just sent you a "private message" here, because your email address won't let me send back to it. i answered your email there for you though.

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