One year ownership update - Used Tomos Quadro

I'm on the cusp of having to buy my second year tag/insurance for my Tomos Quadro moped. I bought it just over the border in Holland last year in March. I didn't get to take the long moped adventure last year though I will eventually get around to it. I did get over 1200 km of riding experience under my belt. No major mechanical issues. I added audible feedback to my blinker system and I've got to replace a broken right brake handle (got the parts just haven't installed). Late last year I actually even bought a legal helmet. Dam I'm old. lol.

Looking forward to firing up the iron mule here soon. It's been chained to the basement stairway railing at my apartment for the last several months. I was gonna ride it one day last week (even though it was colder than shit) but the ignition switch was frozen up, so no go. At forty degrees today, it's nearly balmy.

Plans for year two: Build/buy a cargo trailer. Re-deploy old car stereo equipment into rolling DJ setup. Rig up some type of simple carrier that doesn't look like total ass for transporting my golf clubs back and forth to the golf course (about five km..all bike Spend at least a night/weekend at one of the many bike campgrounds next door in Holland.


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