Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Hi guys, I work at an O'Reilly's and I noticed we carried a LucasOil version of 2-stroke for use in racing applications. I bought a bottle but haven't put it in yet so before I did I thought I'd ask you guys what you think.

Good? Bad? How does it fare against Amsoil? Motul? If no one really replies to this I guess I'll post my experiences with it (switching over from gas-station grade pennzoil 2-stroke) and see how it treats me.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

I've used Lucas oil in my 2 stroke MX bikes and had no complaints, performed just as good as many other 2 stroke oils I've used in the past.

But I'll never stray from Castor 927.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

OTTO The dirty Petcocks /

Castor927 oil and klots oil is the shit

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Pennzoil 2 cycle air cooled is the best there is par none ! It the Only oil I have ever used if I could help it ,and I have been riding PUTTS for 36 years !Nuff said !!

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

I've used it in all of my stroker bikes, and it is fine. It meets the required specs as per the bottle. Generally though I prefer the motul as the bikes perform a little better.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Amsoil saber is way better

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

what makes em better or worse? ive never felt a difference between oil types

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

the shape of the bottle.. Its really just personal preference. At least as far as good name brand oil goes. That cheap shit from the corner store will burn awfully, seap up in your pipes, etc.

Buy good oil, your engine will thank you. (but as far as what good oil to buy, is mainly personal preference.. not much power gain or loss between any of them.)

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

I haven't used a Lucas product I didn't like but haven't used that one.

Typically the additives for oil and fuel we call voo-doo in the repair business but Lucas P/S sealer stopped my pump leak (shaft seal) when I was broke.

The fuel additive added 4 mpg to my Miata, having driven that car 300k I know it wasn't a fluke. The cost of the stuff didn't offset the savings though.

At the garage we have several cars that get the oil additive every oil change, the owners said they don't add between changes anymore.

The Lucas On The Edge programs on TV are fun to watch too. Win?

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

I buy for the smell. klotz smells funny, motul smells so damned good.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

buy lucas to support your Indy Colts

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

castor 927 will gum your rings up.

unless you run constant high temps,then its ok and smells great

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

i've been running Lucas oil...doesn't seem to be causing me any problems. Then again, I've yet to try anything else.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

iv been running lucas ever since my first ped, and keep on going with it, so far no problems, plus hard to find amsoil on the shelfs in chicago

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Its alright, definitely better than the cheap hardware store shit. Id hardly put it at the top of my list though, it's a semi-synthetic blend, popular with snowmobilers. Just make sure you don't buy the "land and sea" version, its for outboards and watercooled engines.

Personally I like a full synthetic like Motul or Klotz, the best in my opinion is Amsoil like other folks have said. I run Amsoil Saber at 100:1 with zero problems and I beat the shit out of my bike. Ive seen people get the math wrong and accidentally run Saber at 200:1 without problems. That shit cray.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?


I found this info on a Bulletin Board in T.E.S. Racings Shop

T.E.S. is owned by Tim Sioui who drag races Ski Doo on asphalt and specializes in high performance snowmobiles. I believe the info to be accurate and reliable.

2-Stroke Cycle Snowmobile Oils

Wear Properties of Fluid Lubricants

Falex Pin and Vee Block Method

This is a comparison of anti-wear properties of popular 2 stroke snowmobile oils. This is an American Society for Testing Materials test that is a lubricant industry standard. This particular test incorporates 500 lbs of pressure on a steel pin and vee block for duration of 3.5 hours. There is a 5-minute break-in period with a 300 pound load. The overall wear is expressed in milligrams of lost metal.

The Results were as follows

BG Hi-Performance Snowmobile Oil, Part No. 784S 15.2

Bel-Ray MC-1 47.8

Bombardier XP-SII 66.3

Polaris Premium Gold Synthetic 82.5

Artic Cat Synthetic APV 112.9

Redline 2-Stroke Racing Oil 144.3

Maxima Castor 927 156.4

These Products failed to reach the required testing pressure of 500 pounds.

- Amsoil High Performance 2-Cycle Injector Oil

- Amsoil Series 2000 2-Cycle Racing Oil

- Artic Cat Extreme

- Bombardier Injection Oil

- Fuchs Silcolene Comp 2 Pre Mix

- Klotz Techniplate Snowmobile Oil

- Klotz Techniplate R-50 Racing Oil

- Torco GP-7 Two Stoke Racing Oil

- Yamalube 2-R Racing Oil

This Oil failed 90 minutes into the test.

- Motul 800 Factory Line

This Oil failed 100 minutes into the test.

* Polaris Premium 2-Cycle

Me n the boys use BG!!!!

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Jared Throne Wrote:


> what makes em better or worse? ive never felt a

> difference between oil types

Amsoil saber is super thick like cough syrup

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

I know that in the mx world and snowmobile world amsoil is more of a joke than anything else. CASTOR 927 FTW!!!!

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

honestly the horrible shit from the gas station isnt even that bad. i run it in everything and my combustion chambers, piston heads and exhaust ports all look clean as a whistle whenever i take a top end apart.

that said, if i have an actually nice build, or money, i usually run motul.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

How much oil do you mix in your tanks. Ive finally started to fool with my kinetic and have no idea how much to add. I think it holds a gallon of gas.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

general rule of thumb is 40-50:1. Some peds require lower, some higher. I run 45:1 because I don't mind the extra bit of smoke and I run a high-compression 65cc airsal on a stock tomos a35 tranny. I kinda figured it needed a bit of extra lube.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

I've run Pennzoil Multi-Purpose in all my 2T equipped machines for a couple years now. I bought it on clearance from a convenience store. I've never had any problems at all with it, except for the disdain it gets from the users of expensive name brand stuff.

When I run out of that stuff I'm going with Wal Mart brand or what ever is on sale, as long as it meets the engine manufacturer's specs.

When I get rich, maybe I'll buy some snooty shit so I can help pay for their ad campaigns.

Re: Lucas 2-stroke oil. Worth it?

ive always run lucas and have no probs. The reason i went with lucas to begin with is cause all of there ohter products have been great to me. id like to get some redline 2 stroke oil thogh just have to find it i also love there products. watter wetter is the most amazing shit ever produced.

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