PA50II carb picture needed


79 pa50ii, i got it without a throttle cable, and I'm trying to hook the cable up to the carb. When I open the throttle, and then close it again, the throttle arm on the carb doesn't spring back. I think I might have it connected wrong. Can someone with a working one snap a quick picture?

Re: PA50II carb picture needed

Eoban Binder /

Odd; I don't have mine on at the moment, but...there's pretty much just one obvious way to connect the throttle cable on a Hobbit carb. What's stopping it from springing back? Perhaps upload a photo of yours?

Re: PA50II carb picture needed

PA50 shop manual. page 67. (edited)

Re: PA50II carb picture needed

fallout Survivor /

Be sure the throttle cable tension is set right, and that the throttle is getting fully opened . There is a little piece of spring steel that part of the arm hits, and holds the chock arm open . You might have to physically bend that to get it to the right tension so it releases when the throttle is opened up .

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