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Hey, I just found this site, and was wondering if any of you know of Clinton Mopeds? I have one, and dont know anything about it. And everything is old and falling apart. I know what it needs, I just cant get any parts or ANYTHING for it. Is Clinton even still around? Thanks for your help!

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Glad you found us. If you use the "search " feature in the grey bar above and type in "Clinton", You'll find a reference to one of these mopeds.

That guy said it had a Sachs engine.

There could be more in there.

One thing about mopeds backin the 70's was that many manufacturers bought off the shelf generic parts and built mopeds that they would put their name on. The good thing is that many of these generic parts are used on other models and makes. So "Clinton" doesn't necessarily mean imply an actual manufacturer so much as an "assembler".

Re: Clinton Moped Questions

The Clinton was manufactered by Clinton Engines Corp. Clark and Maple St. in Maquoketa Iowa.

They made a Clinton 50-A that was a step thru model. It had a Sachs 50-A that was a 47cc engine with a single speed tranny. The Clinton 50-A had turn signals and the magneto system was augmented by an extra battery to keep all the lights bright. It had a detachable gas tank (nice for cleaning and rust treating) The tank held 1.1 gallon. Fuel was premix, wieiht of the bike was 119 lbs. It came in 20. 25 and 30 mph models.

Retal list was $769 in 1981.

Re: Clinton Moped Questions

Go to the photos section ,then to advertisements . There's a picture of a Clinton 50-A.

Re: Clinton Moped Questions

Yeah....That's a Sachs with a Clinton label dude. Same engine and exhaust, as well as style.

Re: Clinton Moped Questions

that what <a href="/forums/discuss/1/29566/29559/">Jim C. said</a> was talking about.

It's pretty nice actually; you don't have millions of different engines to deal with that way.

Try an Lewinski exhaust...


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