Have moped prices gone up?

Was reading a post on the O/T forum, where there was some reminiscing going on, and I got to thinking . . .

My first "moped" was a nice Sears / Puch that went for $300 back in the late '60's, really a small motorcycle. The true pedal mopeds went for about $150, if I remember correctly. Chevrolet and Ford had cars that could be had for $2000. A VW Bug went for about $1500. Gas was 25-35 cents per gallon.

Now a new Tomos goes for $1100 - 1600, a new Hyundai car is about $14 - 15,000, and gas is $3.50 a gallon. So maybe prices haven't really gone up as much as you'd think, relative to everything else. Our money is just worthless!

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

fallout Survivor /

Maybe in the long run moped prices have not gone up, but in the last 3 years the prices have spiked. Fewer mopeds; and I believe craigslist and ebay has caused the bidding wars for a limited commodity to jack the prices.

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

Probably Fred /

Puch maxis went for over 600.00 in the late 70s

Magnums started at over 900.00 in 1978

Very expensive at the time

Moped army helped the prices go up too

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

I have to agree that in the long run manufacturing cost for things hasn't increased, the purchasing power of a dollar has just decreased. If the dollar value had remained the same the price for things should actually be less due to increased efficiency in manufacturing. As for actual costs of mopeds the prices fluctuate. I'd say moped prices started to really go up around 2004, and peaked maybe two or three years ago. There seems to have been a decline since then, likely as a result of the economy.

Mopeds are an oddity because they are a fad item. There are a few people who use them as cheap transportation, but the demand from moped enthusiasts like the people on this site seems to inflate the value based on demand. Outside of that most mopeds have very little real value. They were big in the 70's, and then nobody wanted them in the 80's and 90's. Since around 2000 they seem to have picked up a bit of a following again, still nothing compared to the 70's though.

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

in the late 80s/early 90s, mopeds were completely free. gas was cheap, modern scooters had replaced mopeds, they were ABSOLUTELY worthless.

at that point a magnum for over $100 would have been an enormous rip-off.

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caribbean sunhawk /

magnums on the eastcoast are still sold by grandpa for around 100 bucks

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

and everywhere if youre lucky. ive never paid more than $100 for any of the magnums ive owned.

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Too many people buying and flipping mopeds is driving the prices up. People are probably going to just buy the cheapo knockoff crap for $800 instead of real ones jacked up for $1200.

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OTTO The dirty Petcocks /

Fewer mopeds is due to

Moped horders Hide 20 bikes in third shed Don't ride or sell them !!

and chop shops on eBay the fucking

chevelle69 guy kills 20 bikes a month

Also moped recyclers is killing 40 -50 mopeds a month

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

BryAn eurism /

Well ya know, the Butcher's gotta do all that hard work with no help from anyone, and look after his Iraqi war veteran sin with autism

With all that in mind how many bikes get done in by the hammerheads killing time before Pops buys them the F150 with the Monster logo on the windshield?

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

^^^So true, and this fuckwad, one less ped,


Re: Have moped prices gone up?

^LOL. Saw that ad yesterday and said what the fuck! Most peds are worth more parted out than to resell.

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

we all need parts or the shit head choppers would not chop up peds

and we all Moped horde I have 20 peds

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

Probably Fred /

I part out when the tank/frame on a maxi or step through rusted through .

I use to restore 2 -3 mopeds and sell for reasonable prices

Not no more I can't get cores reasonable

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

Bryan Colliver Wrote:


> we all need parts or the shit head choppers would

> not chop up peds

yeah, like I said in another thread a few weeks ago, one must die so others may live, unless one of you is sitting on a magical never-ending stash of NOS parts.

Re: Have moped prices gone up?

I think the bigger deal is,

Our wages are not keeping pace with prices. Who cares what the money is worth as long as you can purchase the same amount of goods, or more. Over the past 25 years, you needed to double your wages to be able to purchase the same amount of goods. Then of course, you should be making even more then that, as your skills and productivity should be better.

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