honda carb needle

do u have a needle valve for a 90 cc honda carburator? its the one that is controlled by the float inside the carburator.

RE: honda carb needle

What kind of carburettor is it? What size carburettor? What kind of bike? A Keihin carburettor? A Honda Motors Carburettor? A Sheng Wey carburettor? Is it for a fourstroke or a twostroke?

You'll have to give a little more info.

By the way, any respectable mopedstore should have carburettor parts or replacement carburettors.

RE: honda carb needle

Simon King /

If you go to get a replacement part you'll most likely need to go to a Honda dealer - not just any old moped store. Honda has an exclusive parts contract so not just anyone can order parts from them.

RE: honda carb needle

its a keihin carb, for a 90cc 4-stroke honda

RE: honda carb needle

You will have to go to a Honda motorcycle dealer.... and you will have to have the Model and Year of the bike for them to help you..... look behind the headlight on the steering head for a nameplate with the proper info...... and get the serial numbers off the engine cases..... Honda has made many different 90cc bikes and they are not all the same.

RE: honda carb needle

So you're driving a Honda C90, ST90, CD90 or SS90 ? Or another fourstroke Honda, it doesn't matter, they all have 9, 10 or 12 mm Keihin carburettors (originally they do). I know a guy in Holland that has a store excusivly for fourstroke Honda's and he also provides an internation postorder service !! You can mail him at for the parts you need, you can get almost any Honda fourstroke part you need through him, even complete engines. You should be very clear about exactly what you need and for what kind of carburettor it is, so give him the serial number of the carburettor and the type of fourstroke you're driving. He will probably advise you to buy a whole new carburettor, probably a 19mm Keihin. It will give a lot of extra power to your ped. This guy really knows a lot about Honda fourstrokes, he can take apart and rebuild your engine within 3 hours!! The website of his mopedstore is , the only downside for you is that his site is in Dutch.

Good luck with your Honda, I'm glad to know there are strokers all over the world!

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