problem with puch

hi there I have a puch 50cc not entierly sure what model it is but by looking

at some pics i think its a magnum anyway i bought this bike for a wee project of my own its a total mess. just replaced stator magneto couse was getting no spark... spark plug sparks now but only when it wants to also this bike dosent have alot of compression when i kick it are these type of bikes normaly that way or should they have alot of compression any help would be grate cheers;)


Re: problem with puch

spark, check the condensor

compression, get a compression tester (screws in spark plug hole) if you have less than 90PSI it wont run, 100-130PSI is normal

Re: problem with puch

ok thanks for that will try this tomorow and let you know what happens


Re: problem with puch

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post pictures

Re: problem with puch

will put pics up real soon need to get good photo in the day light probs do it tomorow

uploaded a photo

I have uploaded a photo of the puch now.

Re: uploaded a photo

i think its from around 1979

2012-02-21 17.44.06.jpg

Re: problem with puch

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Haha. Magnum X

Re: problem with puch

a didnt have clue what it was ad never even heard of them till i got this one haha

Re: problem with puch

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Take a photo of the front and back

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