Michigan Laws/Registration Questions...

Hey there, looking to get a moped here in Ann Arbor, but I was wondering if you needed to get a moped license and/or registration, and what the fees/costs are to do so. Also, do any of you store your moped in the long Michigan winters here? If so, how much do you usually pay to do so, and where?

Thanks, and looking forward to your responses!

RE: Michigan Laws/Registration Questions...

Simon King /

There is a $15 registration fee for 3 years - and tax on your purchase. If you can get the person you buy it from to write you up a reciet for less than you are paying them then you can scam a lower tax fee. No insurance or anything like that though.

I ususally store mine when it gets too crazy cold and snowy - it's really not good for the moped to be out in that overnight. I've been taking it to a shed that i have access to, but i think i'll be bringing it up into my house this year.

If you don't have the room, there are usually storage places that have little tiny spots for like $25 a month...and you'd only really need to do it for maybe 3 months. If paying for storage doesnt' sound like fun then just get a tarp or motorcycle cover for it. The main thing is too keep the water away from it - so that it doesn't freeze up inside of it and expand things it shouldn't....



One other thing..... your carburetor should have a drain screw for the float bowl.... when you aren't going to ride it anymore crack this screw open and let the floatbowl drain till it stops.... then screw it back tight.

RE: Michigan Laws/Registration Questions...

My sister lives in Ann Arbor and is interested in getting a moped, as well as a few of her friends- I was wondering if you have any connections around there that may know of places to get mopeds, or people wanting to sell their moped - she would be interested. She would probably be interested in contacting you as well - because I know she is looking for mopeders in Ann Arbor (What a great town, and perfect for mopeds). Maybe you guys could start a moped army chapter in Ann Arbor......

RE: Michigan Laws/Registration Questions...

Simon King /

We've wanted a branch in Ann Arbor for a long time now - there is a guy named Kurt who lives there who is fixing up a moped right now and wants to start up a branch when he gets it going - and <a href="/members/view/decepticon/ike/">Ike</a> of the Decepticons just moved there to go to school....so he's in too. One more person and we could get a branch going.

As for moped tips in Ann Arbor i'm not sure, i'll tell Ike to keep his ears open.


RE: Michigan Laws/Registration Questions...

Reeperette /

What ? You guys don't ride in the winter ? For shame...

What you do, is go to a local hardware or garden store and buy yourself a stock of ornamental soft-brass chain, the kind with flat links, some S-hooks and something to cut it with.

You wrap that around your wheels, tire and all (it's soft brass, it won't damage the tire - see?) spacing each wrap 3-4 inches apart, and securing it with the S-hooks.

Cut it to length when you get it right.

Do that to both wheels, put on some flat-bottom heavy shoes or boots, and go throw some snow!

It works on ice, it works on snow, it works in four FEET of snow covered with ice...I should know, having done it - the trike was the most fun for that, but my bullet was plenty too.

Make sure you're geared up for the weather, though, a snowmobile suit with the field jacket liner out of a Mk-65 and heavy cycle gloves will do fine, and I would reccommend goggles, if you particularly want to see where yer going.

And oil your throttle and brake cables, first, to keep them from freezing in place (found that out the hard way...) cause that could be kinda bad.

I love the looks on the faces of those poor fourwheelers stuck up to thier wheelwells in snow as I zoomed right by - truly priceless.


(Rubbing alcohol in a spray mister is a handy de-icer, should you need such a thing in yer winter travels...)

RE: Michigan Laws/Registration Questions...

Go to the online version of The Tradin Times......... http://www.cycletrader.com/adsearch.html ..... type in "mopeds" in the keyword box, and select your state or region for moped ads in your area.

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