4 stroking

Ped still 4 stroking. Takes off fine, get up to speed around 25-ish, then start. If I let off the gas, classic 4 stroke symptom, it will smooth out. BUT, it doesn't do it at the same spot. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. If the jet is too big, wouldn't that be a common occurance all the time? If I back off the throttle until it smooths out, then slowly apply more, it will zip on up to almost 30. Then sometimes it won't do it all. Air filter is clean, fuel filter is clean, carb is clean. What else can it be? New spark plug too.

Re: 4 stroking

Don't know if you have points,but if they're gapped or bad(need filed or replaced) too wide,it can imitate a good 4-stroking problem.Just ran in to a crazy problem where the points rubbing block rotated backwards and advanced my timing while closing my points.Go figure!What kind of bike? What year?What type engine?

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