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David Mclaughlin /

Anyone care to offer an opinion on the new Tomos Revival. I really like the looks of it. You have to see it in person to really appreicate it. However, I haven't seen nor heard anyone talking about it.


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chuck russo va /

i ahvent ridden it, but from what i have herd its geared for heavier people and it only has a top speed of 33, i dont really like the way it looks. it looks like a powerwheels motorcycle or a fake harley

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We're waiting to hear before we buy.

not much info out there, as far as upgrades etc.

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The Revival is a pretty sweet ride, Ryan at our site (shameless plug) wrote up a review on the message board. I myself, being a big guy, have contemplated purchasing one.

P.S. I hear they go more like 40.

Tomos Revival (moped regulation)

I would serously doubt the 40+ information is incorrect.

There are legal issues. I think Don-Ohio and I got into this argument about that Avanti models.....

I can remember tons of people saying great thing about "stock" performance-- then I heard about the motot/transmission locking up, and I thought--- "Bad bike"

The point isnt that the Avanti's break down, the point is, moped speedos are generally incorrect, and off by 3-8 mph, at least.

Part of this is, because the European and Slavic mopeds do not track MPH they track KPH, and when you get your "American" version, it's got a Kilometer speedo, covered up with a MPH sticker. The SPEED might be close to accurate, but your "miles' at the end of the day will be way wrong.

I've seen posts "My moped says I went 200 miles, what great mileage" yeah, only if it is actually "miles"

Now, On the other hand, Don-Ohio, stuck by his guns-- but if I recall correctly, most ALL the posts have been by "a friend of a friend" said......

I'll feel like a real idiot if the Avanti isn't the moped that:

1. mechanically locked up for no reason

2. had claims by forum members that it did 40+ "stock"

I wish there were less moped restrictions, and though I do not know a lot about import/export rules. BUT I would think and moped producer would WANT the market to stay open-- thus "self restricting" their products.

As I said before, I'm not an expert--these are opinions. and I'm not trying to argue, but there are some fairly standard national guidelines of what a moped is.

(Anyon want to talk about the Ginsu Knight that has 6 gears and does 60..... that's puching the envelope )get it? puching? and could lead to more regulations for even "old school" dudes who don't even modify their bikes.

That skateboard death machine I posted a few days ago--- that HAS to be a city council nightmare. Not violating the individuals god-given right to ride a dangerous machine.

Bring back the 3-wheelers--- Anyone ever have one? Man I was hurt bad on one of those, a few times. I am glad they took em off the market, even though I miss the chance to hurt myself on one again.

But I digress, and if you can figure out the point of this post, why don't you let me in on it and I'll respond. I'm still doped up from my leg surgery earlier today.... hurts, but I got pills.

Anyone with Revival experience post, dammit. Dealers, users, people who have actually SEEN one in person..... c'mon, give us the information.

Oh, yeah, I got to ask the BMOC a Q. I think I know the answer, but I'll get is spelled out, in case people ask in the future.

Re: Tomos Revival (moped regulation)

No,you're right Wayne!Some,most actually,claimed over 40mph stock.But the rear wheel lock-ups were factual on some peds.I came VERY close to purchasing one.But at least 4 guys I corresponded with had rear wheel lock-ups.NOT GOOD!I have no desire to swerve into a ditch at 30+mph because of a rear wheel locking.I love the looks of these bikes,though.Until I know they have solved the lock-up problem though,I will not risk my life on one................Are you getting better,Wayne?Did you have to undergo special operations?I hope you get healed up soon! AND: The point of your posts is,in my opinion,that you want a new moped,and you like the TOMOS REVIVAL,but you are frustrated that no one has definitely said how good and how fast they are.You're just like me in that respect.I hope you have success with the leg operation,and are `pedding furiously soon.Wish I could ride with you...... Footnote:Dave I. is back from Africa and he's takin' his Avanti SuperSport `ped sometime after Fri. to be looked at for rear wheel lock-up.I don't knmow if he'll find out anything though as he has to leave again I think in 2 weeks.Keep your chin UP,Wayne! (:^) Don

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