Why is the Moped Army's motto "Swarm and Destroy"? I mean, correct me if I am mistaken,

but aren't mopeds just motorized, two-wheeled forms of transportation? They aren't hideous

bugs or anything like that, right? They don't go around, slathering and chittering, whilst chewing

through other motorists with their mandibles, correct? I think the Moped Army needs a new motto.

I'm thinking along the lines of "We'll ride around until we run out of gas", or something more realistic

like that. Consider my idea.


RE: Motto

Skeeks Mcgee /

You're right, maybe they should change their motto to:

"Ain't forever baby, i'm just riding this moped until that whole DUI thing blows over."


"Hey Skippy,"

"Yes mom?"

"Let's ride!"

RE: Motto

nah in pa we need a driver's license class c (no special motorcycle license needed) to ride mopeds so with a dui it's no moped too. and my mom hates my moped (yikes) so i don't think she'd ever ride with me. it'd be an honor if she did though. what a ride that would be. thanks for the input dudes. but our current motto is fine. in fact the bsh one is a little different. we're so creative we added 1 verb, a conjunction, and 2 commas to it. watch this

unite, swarm, and destroy

awesome huh?


-moped army-

RE: Motto

Simon King /

When alone one sees the moped as a force to be trampled, a vehicle without power and without prestige. But when we gather together to claim the streets that we hold just as much right to as anyone - when we zip through the halted traffic like there was no jam - when we clog the streets with the sound of the 2-stroke, there lies the power of the Moped Army.

United within the gang, verified and empowered by out numbers, using the technology of the moped to subvert inefficient travel -- we take to the streets. <b><font size="+1">We Swarm and Destroy.</font></b>

RE: Motto

Reeperette /

Also-Ran Mottos used for 'ped groups at one time or another.

Eat the street - real men eat concrete.

Feel the pain - eat my chain.

OPEC can kiss my ass.

Gas crisis, what gas crisis ?

Go ahead and laugh, mine's paid for.

If you had balls, you'd be me.

RE: Motto

Amen brother

RE: Motto

you would be uncomfortable to see 20 of us swarming around your car or motorcycle. be thankful that you never have that happen, we are like locusts. we are unstoppable in numbers. our engines will deafen you. that is why our motto is swarm and destroy. more of a description than a motto.

RE: Motto

Yes, but again, you aren't actually locusts. I mean, you don't ravage crops and bring famine where ever

you go. Locusts are the cause of thousands of deaths (when they swarm every fourteen years) and

probably billions of dollars in damage, because they eat everything. And a swarm is not twenty people.

A swarm is like a million. And nothing is unstoppable, regardless of numbers. A thousand people on

mopeds couldn't take out even one Sherman tank. Now, a swarm of Sherman tanks, THAT would be


So stop trying to sound like you and your little motorized bicycles are impressive. The only way I would

be impressed with them is if they had multi-rocket capabilities; but they don't.


RE: Motto

Simon King /

There is always strength in numbers.

And you should take note: you are not a Sherman tank.

RE: Motto

Reeperette /

>>The only way I would

be impressed with them is if they had multi-rocket capabilities; but they don't.<<

That's funny simply because of a stunt we tried with the 74 Tomos-Koper just before we scrapped it for parts....

We bought a model rocket launching kit, and bolted the back plate to the front end just below and to the right of the headlight, and attached an Alpha to it (type of model rocket, mind) with a C-8-0 engine, but instead of the chute, with filled it with black powder (do NOT try this at home kids!) and wired the igniter to the horn.

We did have to cut the guide line cause it stuck out too far, but after that it stayed on the bike and didn't get in the way as we drove it to local dump also used as shooting gallery.

It fired fine, as long as the bike was stationary, was reasonably accurate, and made a quite satisfying boom when it went off (we shoulda used a shorter engine for it though..) - so i guess if you really, really wanted to - you could build some kind of halfass MLRS for a 'ped...but why ?

I also debate the issue over the tank, it seems some folks have never heard of molotov cocktails - the afghans did it to soviet T-72s from horseback, and it did work...but mopeds were never intended as a combat vehicle to begin with.

Most 'ped riders just wanna ride and enjoy themselves, but if repeatedly hassled by folks who think mopeds are easy targets, and wanna feed thier little egos by hassling them - yes, mopeders can get ugly....just like bikers but on a reduced scale, and tend to swarm on the annoyance like a pack of angry bees.

I challenge anyone who thinks of a moped as a joke to ride one for a day through a major city, you do that and come back in one piece - feel free to whine.

Till then, here's a sock, you know what to do with it.


"Well Bike" - moped designed for combat

Simon King /

Reeperette wrote:

> T-72s from horseback, and it did work...but mopeds were never

> intended as a combat vehicle to begin with.

Acutally Ree, this is slightly off-topic now, but check out this info that <a href="/members/view/decepticon/miguel/">Miguel</a> found on the "Well Bike"- which appears to be designed for combat - this is from an email he had sent to me:

<img src="/img/gallery/wellbike2.gif" width="275" height="234" align="left"><img src="/img/misc/forum_wellbike.jpg" width="166" height="139">


I just submitted a picture of the week. It's a photo (very small) of the 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade in WW2. They used a small collapsable motorbike called a Wellbike. Not technically a "moped" (no pedals, only foot pegs), but it had a small [50cc] engine. You can see them lined up for review in the picture.

I forgot to add to the photo info that the 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade first saw action (and it's only time) at Arnhem, Holland, during "Operation Market Garden." They did serve w/ distinction, though. The battle was a fiasco of military planning, as British-Polish paratroops were dropped 100 miles behind enemy lines to hold the bridges over the Rhine at Arnhem. They were supposed to be there 36-48 hrs but were left stranded for over a week holding on w/ their fingernails.

The Poles were dropped on the third day of battle (well behind schedule) and by then the landing zones were overun by Germans. So they landed on waiting enemy troops. Still, they fought quite well and earned a fierce reputation, inflicting heavy casualties on a crack Panzer division.

Anyhow, those motorbikes were used in that battle and dropped along w/ the Polish paratroopers. Thus, they may have been the first "moped army" of sorts. ;-)


imagine. droping down into battle with a moped - <a href="/members/view/decepticon/dan/">Dan</a> is currently researching more info on this Well Bike - which besides the lack of pedals is basically a moped. I guess that it has a 50cc engine and it reminds me of a size that motobecane made for a while.



Corrupted Bob /

Yeah, and how many wars have the Poles won?


RE: Motto

It seems that this thread has gone off on a tangent. All I wanted to know was why the motto was

"Swarm and Destroy", and if the Moped Army was willing to change it. Now I'm getting things about

Polish troops who parachute into battle with mopeds, which, by the way, NO army would take seriously.

Maybe that is the Polish Moped Defense; their enemies are too busy laughing at them scooting around

the battlefield like so many clowns, that by the time they realize they actually have guns, it's too late.

So, anyways, I have my answer as to why the motto is what it is, and, although I don't agree with it, that

was all I wanted to know.



RE: Motto

Reeperette /

Feeling a bit...err, Swarmed, perhaps ?


RE: Motto

Yes I am. Because, of course, everybody knows that a swarm is when people go off on completely

meaningless subjects and then try to be clever about it. I can still feel the 'sting' of previous comments.

(ah ha, did you get it? I incorporated the word sting with the word swarm, which is commonly associated

with bees; thereby making a delightful pun)


RE: Motto

Corrupted Bob /

I think they should rename the Army entirely. It should be renamed to 'Team Lightspeed', and the motto should be

"Team Lightspeed: Onward to Victory!", or, "Team Lightspeed: Dead Ahead!" Because 'Team Lightspeed' is a much cooler name than 'Moped Army'.

I think they should rename the Army entirely. It should be renamed to 'Team Lightspeed', and the motto should be

"Team Lightspeed: Onward to Victory!", or, "Team Lightspeed: Dead Ahead!" Because 'Team Lightspeed' is a much cooler name than 'Moped Army'.

++Scum of the Earth! (Come On!)++

Go to


RE: Motto

oh ...r e a l l y. no i thing team lightspeed is a whole hell of a lot geakier than moped army. and gigakill u suck big arse at puns!

RE: Motto

oh ...r e a l l y. no i thing team lightspeed is a whole hell of a lot geakier than moped army. and gigakill u suck big arse at puns! oh and bye the way stop posting ur gay website! no one cares

RE: Motto

Corrupted Bob /

MY pun was a whole lot better than the other guy's pun. His was, "feeling a bit...swarmed?" That's not even CLEVER. My pun at least required THOUGHT in order to comprehend. And Team Lightspeed is already a faction of the Moped Army, in Tampa. I started it. It's a way better name. And the web site is not gay; it's funny, because it makes fun of people like you. is a WHOLE lot more famous and popular than Just because YOU don't care doesn't mean NOBODY cares. And you didn't even spell "think", "by", or "your" correctly, and those are all common words. So, you must be stupid.

And stupid people's opinions don't count.

++Scum of the Earth! (Come On!)++

Go to


Read this and then Go Away

Shut up; shut up, everybody SHUT UP! Stop replying to this thread; I got the answer to my question with the very first reply. Why has it gone on so long? There's about twenty replies here, where there should only be two or three. AND most replies don't even have anything to do with the original question! All I wanted to know was what the deal with the motto was, and I got my answer. So move on, everybody. It's a great big forum out there.


Poles on Wellbikes

Gary Jucha /


My late father was with the 1st Independent Polish parachute Brigade, and was at Arnhem.

I can remember him telling me about the wellbikes, and how unreliable they were, and how they were thought of as being pretty useless.

The wellbikes were actually dropped in parachute containers, and had to be unpacked and "assembled" before being used.



Re: Poles on Wellbikes

If your father fought at Arnhem, then he was a mighty hero, indeed! I, for one, salute him. That was considered one of the bravest of all stands by any force in any war on any soil. The Poles did very very well. Imagine ... a single brigade of paratroopers against an entire Panzer corps (that's 2-3 armored divisions plus support infantry). And it was no simple panzer corps, it was the one held in reserve by Hitler himself for a counterstroke to roll back the Allies. It was the same corps that months later spearheaded the Battle of the Bulge, which nearly shattered three Allied divisions and encircled the 101st at Bostogne.

Anyhow ... to answer the post about "what wars have Poles won" ... that's a ridiculous jest. The Poles fought w/ more bravery than almost any other people in the Second World War. Imagine, these soldiers fought from 1939 onwards, long after their homes and families were ravaged by the Nazi hordes. They fought in Norway. They held the rearguards at Dunkirk. They fought in North Africa. They landed with the allies at Normandy and at the dreaded Anzio landings. They were used as cannon fodder by the British too often in grim assaults. Ever hear of Monte Casino? They assaulted that head-on even when all hope faded. And still ... most of those that survived the war were never able to return to their beloved homes. After the Soviets overan the East, they were exiles. Patriots who fought so gallantly for their homes and yet were never able to return. That's grim heorism for you. If you ever go to Arnhem, the people there are in awe of them.

To continue, that brigade landed on captured airfields. They lost a host of their numbers shot dead while still coming down in their parachutes. Then they scrambled to fight in the best order they could. And the damage they inflicted on the Germans took weeks to heal. That's why no counterstroke came shortly after the fiasco at Arnhem. And even when pressed, they fought to break through the enemy ... not to retreat ... but crossing the river in inflatable rafts to rescue the British 1st Parachute Division within the city of Arnhem itself. They allowed the British to retreat only by breaking the circle around Arnhem.

Say what you will about Wellbikes ... DO NOT speak ill of the Poles.

about the motto

Now about the motto .... the comments are, even in jest, made w/o understanding the reailities of the Moped Army.

Here in Kalamazoo, people respect us. Everyone knows about "The Army" (as we're simply called). Everyone, except those few moped thieves that have not yet felt our wrath, respects our mopeds. We are given wide enough berth on our turf. Some hooligans have even been chased down (in cars) by a lone moped rider after a challenge. Even though there were several in the car an only one on a moped. Fear was in their eyes, you can count on that.

Several times, when walking as a group into a coffee house we frequent, I've felt a slight hush and a few whispers: "The Army has arrived." We walk in, joyful but w/ determined faces. People who make eye contact show respect and nod in recognition. Then we sit down, order our coffee, and eventually coversation in the place resumes. But people always seem to say "The Army has arrived" whenever any few of us walk into a place together ... on campus, at parties.

Until you have felt that awe, you critics will not understand our motto. We do indeed SWARM AND DESTROY. We ride in blizzards and so recklessly (it would seem to the untrained eye), that car riders stare in awe. Even when they do dare to make a jest, a grim and determined stare is often enough to silence them and force them to stare straight ahead. And when we ride as a pack, several dozen strong ... we are a force to behold.


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