Why is the Moped Army's motto "Swarm and Destroy"? I mean, correct me if I am mistaken,

but aren't mopeds just motorized, two-wheeled forms of transportation? They aren't hideous

bugs or anything like that, right? They don't go around, slathering and chittering, whilst chewing

through other motorists with their mandibles, correct? I think the Moped Army needs a new motto.

I'm thinking along the lines of "We'll ride around until we run out of gas", or something more realistic

like that. Consider my idea.


RE: Motto

i guess you've never heard the incessant buzzing of our less than 50cc displacemented engines. as for running out of gas... we get around 100 miles per gallon and with a 1.5 gallon tank to ride out i think our mopeds would break or we'd have too many dead insects crashed into us or just be too uncomfortable to ride that long straight.

so have you really killed that many things that you can have such a prefix? i could maybe be decakill cause in my younger days i killed a few ants and lightening bugs. but i feel bad about it now so i won't be changing my name to prefix-kill. at least not anytime soon.


-moped army-

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