Hey Beav-Fred-Wayne

< www.scooterpros.com> check this out ya'll combo-moped-goped hahahah, dont think I could sit on one cause of my leg, I cant pedal yet,,leg wont bend that far from the accident last april.......Rog

Re: Hey Beav-Fred-Wayne

< www.scooterpros.com> damn I did what you said fred but it aint workin this time, sorry

Re: Rog

thats cuz you've got to use the full URL


<IMG src=" http://www.scooterpros.com/images/Dscn0076.jpg"> ;

They'll never cut it Rog... not legal... not as fast... wheels too small... and I bet not as reliable... and that ain't saying much.

Re: Rog

oh you definitly got me there Fred I just thought they were cool to look at........DonO must be on shift this week

Re: Rog

Yeah,Rog,I been gone workin' on REAL machines.What in the world does a 43 yr.old man see in those lil' toys?Rog!I just realized you must've hit your head when you wrecked!

Re: Rog

InfectedBootSector /

Ouch man.. that thing would be like riding a pogostick shoved up the rear....

I'll stick with my Puch.

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