motobecane and poo'joe owners.

I have the little storage compartment built into my frame like a bunch of the motobecanes and puegetos I have seen.. but I am missing the actual tool box or any tools... what the heck is supposed to go in there.. must be small tools! I hid a dollar in it.. Taped it to my cover.. incas eI ever run out of gas and don't have my wallet on me. And a light bulb incas eI ever blow one while im out.. but what really goes in there?

just curious.. thx

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

What goes in there?

these<img src="">

or a condom. :)

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

Don't know about Mobys and Peugots, but Casey's Kreidler has a spark plug remover, a little multi-purpose tool with several crescent wrenches on it.

My Newport came with a little tool pouch, with a similar multipurpose tool. Also, the Ace of Spades.

that probably doesn't help, but see what some of the online stores have in the way of moped multipurpose tools and tool kits.

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If you want small moped parts to go in there, go to and get a tool kit from them. It's for the solex but will probably work. That, or go to a small engine (lawn mower, chainsaw etc) dealer and they might have some extra tool kits. There's a Honda dealer where I live who sells commercial lawn mowers and never includes the tool kits.. A buddy of mine that worked there showed me the bin FULL of them!

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

donald, you should have asked and i would have sent one. they originally came with a multi purpose tool which had a screwdriver, three wrenches and a spark plug wrench, plus three tire levers and a patch kit.

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

and they rattle terribly.

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

LoL.. welp I dunno Rodney.. your helping me out a ton already. I started to sound gready to myself ... so I know you probly were like damn this boy needs everything!


I like the idea of the ace of spades and condom... HA HA

thats insane!

I really didn't know it was actualy something that was supposed to goin there.. I thought it was for storage.. which It is I guess.. but didn't think anything came with it.

i tried putting my small oil bottle in it.. wouldn't fit...

I think it might be a good place to hold maybe a lock and cable while I am riding... just thought of it!

tire patches would be handy if you could sqease an air pump in there... :0) ah...maybe tie down a bicycle pump one of the small ones on the back rack under the seat.. man

all kinds of good ideas today!

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

all the mopeds originally came with a tire pump on pegs below the back rack

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

wonder why I havn't noticed any in the pictures I have seen.

I guess it would bee a common (easily lost) part... such as the tools. Gah.. the more I research the more I find myself needing stuff.. lol

one step forward.. two back...

oh well... I think I'll get one from walfart and paint it to match.. :0)

my bike is gonna be super sweet

Re: motobecane and poo'joe owners.

KelvinKDX /

I bought my moped new in 1978. I still have the pump under the rear rack. I also still have the tools that came with the bike. I used to keep the spark plug wrench and a spare plug (all wrapped up in a rag) in the compartment in the frame.

You might be able to find a pump to match.

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