for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

I posted this a while ago and you answered. Loose Ciao flywheel, remember. Well I put it on, it seems to go all the down and is seated to the bottom. I've even tapped it down lightly with a rubber malet but it still just falls off if I turn the engine on it's side. Is this normal? Shouldn't the taper on the shaft be holding it on a little bit. I needed a puller to get it off. Thanks in advance,bruce

Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

Are you sure the Woodruff key is in place? That is part of what keeps the flywheel on in the correct position as well as the points cam.

Once the nut is on there should be NO looseness of any kind on the flywheel.


Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

Check the woodruff key as Jim suggested.

Is there a wire or something sticking out and causing an obstruction or something in the groove around the perimeter of where the fly wheel should seat?

Give it your best shot of aligning the slot in flywheel cover with the woodruff key in the shaft. Then rotate the shaft so it turns the flywheel. Stop and jiggle it a bit to see if you can get it to seat. Repeat this a couple of times. Sometimes I have to pull the cover again and try it a couple of times to get it to align and seat. If you think you have it in place, then while it is still lying flat, screw the black plastic cover on to hold the flywheel in place.

Don't know what else to suggest unless you want to ship it to me and I'll check it out at no charge. You pay the shipping both ways (about $20-$30) UPS ground. Or you could take the engine and flywheel to a motorcycle shop or a small engine repair shop(lawn mowers) to see if they can figure out why it won't seat.

Good luck


Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

I don't think I have a (nut) to hold it in place on a Ciao. I just noticed that the wood ruff key can pivot or rock back and forth. I've tried it in both positions with no luck. I left the engine with a machinist friend who made a puller tool for me a month ago.. Is it possible he may have damaged the centre tapered hole by wacking it with a mallet / making the hole in flywheel slightly too big ? It really does look seated right and I can't hear any scraping when I turn it . Why does the woodruff pivot?bruce

Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

<b>Bruce is it difficult to trouble shoot remotely so you have to be my eyes and ears and answer questions specifically.

You have not made it clear if you are putting the black plastic cover back over the flywheel before you set the engine upright or in the normal position it would be in if placed in the


Do you have the Black plastic cover?

If yes, are you putting it on over the flywheel while the engine is still lying flat?</b>

If you turn the SHAFT after you have flywheel on and the flywheel turns with it, then the key is catching properly and is engaging the flywheel.

You can get a new woodruff key at a local hardware store or your machinist friend may be able to get you one. The slot in the shaft is rounded to fit the contour of the rounded side of the woodruff key. The woodruff key can be rocked (or pivoted) back and forth. What you are trying to accomplish is the put the rounded side into the slot, get it level and then push it in to make sure it is seated. Sometimes when you apply pressure trying to seat it, it will pivot as you apply pressure but then you want you level it out flat. Basically all the key does is to make a raised ridge that the slot in the flywheel can catch on so the flywheel will turn when the shaft turns.

Check the slot in the shaft where the woodruff key is inserted to make sure there is no gunk or debris in the slot, preventing the key from seating down all the way, with a small level edge sticking up for the flywheel to catch.

The nut Jim was referring to is the what you put on after you get the engine back in the bike and put on the clutch unit (if it is a single speed) or the automatic speed governor (if it is a variable speed). The nut secures either of these assemblies on the shaft and also would help keep the flywheel in place. Don't forget to put the spacer on the shaft before you put on the clutch or speed governor. If it is a single speed model, the spacer is shaped like a little top hat, the brim or wider side goes toward the engine with the smaller side pointing outwards.

I don't know what kind of mallet you used to whack the flywheel, but it should be a rubber mallet (not plastic or metal). You should only whack the flywheel around the outer top edges, just enough to dislodge the flywheel from it's normal seated position. You should NOT whack the end or side of the shaft.

Let us know.

Good luck

Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

Thanks so much for your time and patiance. I have seated the flywheel all the way down with the woodruff key in position , engine is flat on the bench. Then the plastic flywheel cover is screwed on, still flat on bench. When I turn the engine on it's side the way it goes on the bike,the flywheel is not snug on the shaft. It can't fall ,the plastic stops that but it is not held tight to engine IT RATTLES ,but is still in the key. I just thought it should (clamp) onto the taper. When the hell do you get a chance to do any riding with guys like me around ? thanks bruce

Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

Thanks Bruce, good communications, gives me a better picture. It should seat fairly secure and not wobble too much. It si difficult to judge without being there. You said when it's lying flat and you turn it, you don't hear any scraping noises and it seems to turn freely.

My last suggestion is to call Fabio at the Vespa Super shop in San Diego. He has been working on these things since the italian army surrendered in WW II (don't tell him that or he'll open a can of Italian Woop Ass on me). His number is 619-574-1818. He dosen't do email but he is an expert on this stuff. Remember the time zone difference. He opens at 10 am PST.

I do find time to ride in the winter months when things slow down a bit but this year the demand hasn't let up. I go riding with my son Wes who is 16 1/2. He loves to outrun the old man with his Suzuki OR50 (50cc, 5 speed, 60 mph).

Anyway good luck


Re: for zippy/72 Ciao flywheel

Thanks, I'll talk to Fabio, I've bought several parts from him in thr past. He even mentioned your name once (nothing bad ). I'm about your age and have an 18 year old son who can't wait for his turn on the Ciao.Thanks a lot ,bruce

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