out of gas sucks

Dave Gregory /

today right after me and my friends went our ways because it was getting dark i ran out of gas....and my moped is a female dog 2 push up all the hills i had 2.... and i was about 2 miles away from my house. that really sucked. how many people has this happened 2???

Re: out of gas sucks

InfectedBootSector /

I have never ran out of gas from the tank, but I always leave the shutoff valve to "off" and forget about it. I always freak out when I get about 10 miles from my house and the damned thing shuts off.... then I realize how damn dumb I am. It happens to the best of us.

Re: out of gas sucks

I ran out of gas plenty times before. . . thats when I start pedaling to a gas station, and pedaling is a bitch with the targa.


Re: out of gas sucks

Me everytime I go out becuase of that DAMN leak.. lol

but I have a trick.. I take a one gallon gas can and bungee cord it down to my Rack.. this doubles your fuel capacity :0)

Re: out of gas sucks

Brandon Griffiths /

when ever i run out of gas i start to have a spaz and nearly have a heart attack i just turn on the reserve line and it gets gas from way deeper in the tank, when u run out u still have less than a quarter left on most mopeds so i jut use that till i get to a gas station.

Re: out of gas sucks

Mine has no reserve? Or maybe it has just patched up as with the old hole they thought they fixed.. lol..

man! that would be swell..

Re: out of gas sucks

chuck russo va /

i have never ran out of gas but i have broke down 2 times and had to push the moped home because its faster to push than pedal on my old tomos one time i was 4 miles away from home and it broke down withen the first 25 min i had it and the second time i was about 2 miles away from home

and the first time it broke it was in the rain. the only reson i was riding is because the moped had just been delivered to my house and i had never ridden one and i was excited to try the ped out. that moped was nothing but problems so i eventually sold it on ebay when the bottom end was kinda locked up

Re: out of gas sucks

call me stupid; but I ride my Tomos on reserve all the time. . . lol, maybe thats why I run out of gas often. .. hrmm.


Re: out of gas sucks

Try not to run out of gas too often. It causes the engine to run lean and can cause it to seize.

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