@Mars --- Thanks for posting the bad/good seller list. I'm printing it out and posting it next to my work bench. Most parts I buy new from reputable places, but once in a while you see a bargain....


It must be 'working' as Steve Huffman here has tried several times to change it.



Tried several times to change it?

I have nothing to hide and I'm not going to change anything. I simply tried to add a response which was promptly deleted.

A bad experience with one jack off and I'm on a bad sellers list.

Thats fine, no worries. Don't buy my stuff. Someone else will.


Oh heh I guess I had you confused with that daveychrist person.

No, you have two claims against you, and all it takes is one. If you had read the page header, you would have seen that the proper way to refute a claim was to make the change you see necessary and leave a detailed note in the wiki edit explaining your case. Instead, you wrote:

Haha, Where is the shitty buyer list? Sparco is a straight up guy. Our transaction was unfortunate. But that Canadian John is a chump. All I ever wanted was a paypal address. Come to California and I've got your refund. You talk a lot of shit and live a sad life. I'm not worried about it.

That looks like two admissions of money owed to people to me, and some shit talk, so I reverted it.




I did not know steve was on vacation. When he got back he gave me a full REFUND!!!!! SO shit happings.

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