Don-Ohio now i can ride with the big boys!


I will be riding with the"big boys" soon!! ha ha!! I got that Targa running last night!! I had to put a new piston and rings in it! Someone had already cleaned the carbon out of the cylinder and the bore looked beautiful but the rings were gone from the piston! I had a new piston and rings so that was no problem! I put a rebuilt carb on it and it started right up and ran perfect!! I will take a test ride soon as this weather gets a little better!!

Let me know when you get that new engine broke in so i can bring my big bad "top tank" over and blow your doors off!! HA HA HAAAAA!!!


Re: Don-Ohio now i can ride with the big boys!

InfectedBootSector /


Hey Ike, did ya get my email about your website?

See!You got your money's worth,Ike!

I knew you'd get that `ped movin',Ike!Glad to hear it!Was the wiring any problem?And you'd have to run a different weight class than me,anyway(rider weight that is).Ha!

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