Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

This is the real Zippy. he 's copywrited.

Can you guess what kind of ped he's riding?

Nope not a Peugeot


Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

AGHHH, looks like a puegeot to me.. maybe a motobecane?

I tried to save the picture and blow it up for more clues but the dang thing moves to quick! lol

Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

It's Sparta Foxi made in Holland

Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

wow cool...

that a model?

Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

here's a foxi


Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

Do they make Foxi moped anymore? It looks alot like a puegeot in that pictures.. puegeot even makes a moped now called Fox and Fox b I have posted one it is a 2002 check it out int he pictures it is awesome

Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

Don't know Duck, The Foxi was made by Sparta and they also made the "Flying Ducthman" (made in Holland, go figure). They are nice little bikes.

The one in the pic belongs to Shawn of Myrons mopeds in Orange County, Ca. Shawn is the guy that built a racing bike using a 50 cc engine and got top end of 90+mph at Lake Elsinore. It was reving so high it sounded like a nest of angry African bees.

Re: Hey Duck, herrrreees Zippy!

ah hahaha... damn.. that would be awesome!

I just want mine to do 35 when I get it completed.

althought more would be awsome provided my speedo was acurate I'd love to hit the count road.. if i see a cop im ging to shut off the engine and pretend to pedal that fast.. lol

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