Derbi Revolution Moped

ok, I know.. technically its a noped since its kickstart but I'll try to ask here anyway in an angst-free manner.. i used to have a 1978 puch maxi sport mkII and a 94 tomos targa.. but I need something new, and something fast.. so I'm consideirng a derbi revolution (aka variant revolution?).. has anybody owned/ridden one of these? describe your experience or just yell at me a bunch.. =)



RE: Derbi Revolution Moped

Twowheelers /

Tomos has a new moped lineup with electric starter, sporty looks,.. coming in September. That could be worth checking out.

RE: Derbi Revolution Moped

Reeperette /

Go with Tomos, Puch, Safari, or Casal, if you want pure power.

Tomos is the top end, at least in my opinion, but it's a damn close thing with Puch.

Safari 'peds you prolly won't find anymore, but they had really nice gearing, and Casal is technically not street legal as a 'ped in most US states, but it's a nasty one.

My reccommendation - Tomos or Puch, and Tomos is easier to find and get parts for.


RE: Derbi Revolution Moped

Simon King /

I've just learned that an accepted term for mopeds kick starts is "mokick". They use it as a catagory on German Ebay. I thought that was pretty nice....better than "noped".


RE: Derbi Revolution Moped

Reeperette /

For mine, I prefer the simple and accurate description - Piece of $#!^ Suzuki.

I suspect most ex- Fa50 owners would agree with me.


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Stay away from derbi they have metal fatigue problems and parts are a bitch to get. the honda elite-s is the best and also the fastest moped, we race them at the track at well over 100 mph, and for those tomos owners you will always be in my rear view mirror, yes its true,its true. Andy Reeperette wrote:> > For mine, I prefer the simple and accurate description - Piece> of $#!^ Suzuki.> I suspect most ex- Fa50 owners would agree with me.> > Ree

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i too seek a newer moped..........have got a couple brochures from a place

in Miami about the Derbi Variant. had an old Derbi but sold it years ago because

i has a couple of Vespa Grandes, still have them too.

e-mail me and i*ll give ya the address to the place in Miami. looks like the

dealer price is right around $1,300

RE: Derbi Revolution Moped

David, I have a 2000 Tomos Sprint and a 2000 Derbi Revolution...I weigh about 195 pounds and the Tomos now that it is broken in which takes about 1200 miles, will run about 33-34 miles per hour indicated with tires properly inflated, no wind and on perfect level in a slight crouch....

The Derbi is not broken in all the way but seems to have a top speed of about 45 to 47 mph under perfect conditions (flat road, no wind, tires properly inflated and in a slight crouch. The Derbi has much nicer front forks than the Tomos which give a quieter ride and the fork geometry is more suited to 35 mph travel, affording a more stable feel. The variator belt transmission with more power than the Tomos gives better speed up hills although the Tomos will go up almost any paved hill at lower speeds.

If you like 50 cc machines, and don't mind travelling on slower roadways, they are both excellent machines. One last thought is on fuel economy...The Tomos will get 140 mpg flat out on when on long driving stretches with no stop and go operation. I have not had the Derbi on a similar trip yet but it will probably come in around 90 mpg but at a speed about 10 miles per hour faster...

Hope my comments help...FYI, Will

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