The Sprint.

OH good old high school, and senior projects. Is there a better time to learn about mopeds and rebuild my bike?

here she be, Pretty aint she?

Now lets start to tear her apart! step one, off with the tank!

Now lets take off those foot rests and the exhaust. shocks too.

Huston, the engine has been dropped.

okay, off with the wheels

This will be my favorite part, cleaning all that grime. :)

Currently looks like this.

next get off all the wires, clean her, and get her ready for new paint.

new parts I have right now.

19mm PHBG and 43mm Olympia kit. don't think pics are necessary

Pars I shall be getting include mamba pipe, new tires, new break shoes, and new bearings and seals for the engine. Ill keep pics coming as she comes along.

Re: The Sprint.


Re: The Sprint.

Re: The Sprint.

Can't wait to see it man

Re: The Sprint.

looked like a nice clean bike to start with,,, i like to color alot

cool bike

Re: The Sprint.

Agreed with the stock paint, clean/wax it and save the money of repainting it, just put on your parts, save the stock ones as well. Bike looked great pre-tear down, hope it looks as good if not better upon completion.

Re: The Sprint.

Bath time! for a few parts. Could not do much today. not a lot of time.

also, measured my shocks. 300mm and 10mm eyelets. only found one pair on treats in stock. snatching them up. and found out 1977 is the only one that carries my brake shoe size. and wonderful. they are out of stock. \

Also, ready to port match! need to find my rat tail file first..

Re: The Sprint.

Thats not a Sprint, its a Motron !!! Lol

Re: The Sprint.

.... Motron sprint silly xD the model is the sprint ;)

Re: The Sprint.

Okay, as of late, Me and the sandpaper have been good friends. Getting everything all ready for prime and paint as I wait for treats in the mail. but other than that, I am using JB weld to cover the holes in the back fender where the old light and plate bracket were

and on try one it sunk in. Dammit pic is after sanding

try number two!

and here is my tank all nice and taped up, it is the only thing left that needs sanded.

next i want to repack the bearings in the wheels and replace the brake shoes. but of course 77 is out of stock. so if anyone has new minarelli shoes let me know.

Re: The Sprint.

I like pictures so I like this thread. Keep going.

Re: The Sprint.

Okay, So got the fender all sanded down and the holes are gone Oops. forgot to take a pic of that for you guys, well from the last pictures. just imagine those holes like they not even there. they're just flat like that's how it was meant to be, I am proud of myself for it ha.

but here is some photos of today's adventures. Like me and Jonah, hanging things from the rafters.

and here is Rachel "Shakin' things up" Oh, that's a knee slapper. have to write that one down.

Spraying things

DONE. Kinda, Going to put a second coat on in a day or two. it's cold in his garage. going to make sure it cures good.

we turned off the lights and turned on the strobe. Looked like a haunted house scene from some weird movie... "Night of the living Ped" or "Moped slaughter house" Maybe I will make a short film just for you guys. any way. this is all for now.

Re: The Sprint.

Dude. You had a bit of a bumpy start, but it looks like you figured shit out fast.

"next i want to repack the bearings in the wheels and replace the brake shoes."

Perfect. If your loose ball bearings aren't corroded or don't have flat spots from grinding around in old grease you can probably just reuse them and put fresh grease in - don't lose any though! Are your brake shoes really worn down or is the action rusty? If not, just rough them up with non-silica emory cloth and file some diagonal grooves in 'em so they spit the brake dust toward the "open" side of the hub. I'm sure you're perfectly capable of finding the relavent threads on your own by now.

Now you just have to get some sweet clip-on bars. (edited)

Re: The Sprint.

they actually aren't worn down, they are smooth and old. almost brittle. you think roughing them up will really work? worth a try. and I actually got 2 inch low rise bars from treats today. ;) thanks though

Re: The Sprint.


If by "brittle" you mean they're hard - like with no give - then that's normal. As long as they're not cracking or flaking, you're fine. Brake shoes get all smooth and glassy from rubbing against the inside of the brake hub - basically, the brake hub is constantly polishing your brake shoes smooth every time you slow down. Two smooth surfaces rubbing against each other tend to not create that much friction, hence why your braking ability gets worse and worse as the brake shoes get smoother and smoother. So yeah, just clean 'em with brake cleaner and rough 'em up every once in a while until they grind down enough to justify replacing 'em. I also like to take the same non-silica emory cloth and rough up the inside of the brake hub in an even cross-hatch pattern, just to add more friction.

Re: The Sprint.

Love it! My motron is a sweetheart. Can't wait to see more progress!

also, you shouldn't stretch your ears... you might regret it... and by regret it I mean I miss my 1 1/8" plugs on the daily

Re: The Sprint.

Okay some set backs on paint. Painted in to enclosed of an area and got over spray and it felt like dang sand paper. no picture today sorry chaps. soon! soon! probably will be a week? because I have to re sand prime and paint oh well. round two!

Re: The Sprint.

Well, Sdid some sanding, but the snow has delayed me. so I made a kind of mock up, here's a treat for your eyes. I don't like it because It's almost a give away of the finished product.

only difference will be the rims will be red.. although I am second thought-ing it. the back might be too much red then with the rim, sprocket and pipe...

oh well. we shall see.

Re: The Sprint.

PuchPuch Puchster /

Dude sick work! My senior project is a Puch Maxi!

I'm really slow compared to you though, but wow

I'm impressed and inspired with what you did here.

Re: The Sprint.


hmm. maybe black rims, red headlight bucket and grips?? and air filter?

Re: The Sprint.

i have a moliassi e8 its red :) and i will consider the light bucket.. hmm the front dose seem to be absent of the color... not changing my grips though :P I love mine

and I just love the red rims with white walls... so classy.. idk might leave them chrome... but they are half way taped now x) soo..

Re: The Sprint.

also, just opened this photo with gimp (poor mans photo shop) and basically used ms paint style to color on the red of the rims and the bucket... looks sweet defiantly doing the rims red. not too much.

Re: The Sprint.

no groms no blasters /

get a haircut!

Re: The Sprint.

I'll put that on the to do list.

Re: The Sprint.

yeah def dont keep em chrome. thats like what everyone has

Re: The Sprint.

awesome 5 min job on gimp. (it's obviously terrible.)

But the sprocket will be on the other side. So I think It looks nice. thanks for the headlight bucket idea.

Re: The Sprint.

Lookin good hombre!

Re: The Sprint.


Re: The Sprint.

Here be the tank, decals look freshh and OG

Here are the rest of the parts.

here is the fan cover!

my freshly painted rims, The tires for the love of god will not go on.

and that's about it for now! currently in the process of splitting the engine, and replacing all of the bearings, seals and porting the case. I've never done any of this before and the only source of help is you guys on the interwebs so I am going slow. wish me luck! going to put her back to a rolling chassis on Wednesday

Re: The Sprint.

tires are annoying. just go to a bike shop and cringe as they get the tires on there but scratch your fresh paint with the irons

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