1977 tomos help please

I found a 1977 tomos for sale cheap. It has no rust as it was an arizona moped.

The guy wants 100$ but it doesnt run. Has some bad wires and no spark plug but tires and engine seem good as it still will crank if peddled backwards.

My first question is this. How hard is it to get parts for a 77 tomos?

My second question is, How hard is it to rewire...looks like 3 wires?!

And does it sound worth 100$?

This is the first moped I have ever thought of buying And I know nothing of them...yet.

RE: 1977 tomos help please

Simon King /

Tomos mopeds are actually pretty easy to find parts for because they are still in business in the making mopeds, and alot of the parts either cross reference okay or are still in stock.

$100 for a moped that you can get running with a little bit of work and a nice body sound good to me. I have no experience with the re-wiring of Tomos mopeds, so I can't really comment on the difficulty of that though.

RE: 1977 tomos help please

Reeperette /

Oh hell yes, it's worth a hundred bucks.

You can get parts for that easily, you could even get a brand new A5 engine for a Targa and mount it to that if you wanted, I've done it on a '74 Tomos-Koper myself.

It'll also fit about 90% of the upgrade kits, because the Tomos basic frame design hasn't changed in years.

Get a champion platinum plug for it, reference off the old champion ref # J82C.

I would also reccommend replacing the ignition coil if one is still present, and the voltage regulator, but since Tomos is a 12V, rather than a 6V system, it's very easy to find parts for, and the actual wiring is very simple since the body itself is the ground.

You have yourself a hell of a buy there for a little fixup work, I would take it in a heartbeat...and if you should decide not to, ship that puppy to ME, cause I want it !. (LOL)


(That offer is serious, mind.)

RE: 1977 tomos help please

check out www.themopedjunkyard.com for tomos (and general moped parts) parts. they have a lot and have moderate pricing. quick shipping too.


-moped army-

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