OT: Random Rants About People

InfectedBootSector /

I'm just in a pissy mood today! Anyone ever notice these damned people who like to put you in your place because they think they are the smartest or the coolest person around. I was talking to this girl on the 'net today, and she just trash talked everything about me... how my University sucked becuase it was a state run school and all this other B/S.

Since when did money make ya more intelligent or the place I come from (Appalachia) make me less intelligent?

'Aint nobody going to put me in their place! Hell no!

"I wish I was as 3l337 as them."

---------------------END OF RANT----------------------


It's snowing here again. Looks like more time for the FrankenPuch Project.

Party On!

See Spot Run!

Re: OT: Random Rants About People

Reeperette /

Bah, folks like that are only "brave" from the other side of a PC screen dude - on the road.....they're just more chain-fodder to me.

Don't let it rip ya.


Re: OT: Random Rants About People

Yeah,met one of `em the other day oin a forum and he said `100:1 AMSOIL,.........100:1 Amsoil'.After acknowledging that Amsoil is a great lubricant,I pointed out that EVEN AMSOIL has a `caviat' in their product description(says go 60-80:1 for heavy-duty service) that allows them `leeway' in case it's heavy duty service,and I asked him if hauling me and Weston(310lbs. + 40 lbs. or so equipment and food would be considered heavy-duty for a 50cc moped,especially when stopping at lights and riding up hills.I ALSO asked him how it would hurt to err on the side of caution with a 40 or 50:1 mix.Well,he went off on me and I wrote back a scathing denunciation of my judgment about `heavy-duty'.Told me how much MORE he knew than me. I was just wishin' the `MopedWhiz' or Fred had seen it!Like Ree says;There's all kinds and you best not let it bother you.Bad thing is many people thought he was tellin' them Gospel.But I know one guy with a brand new TTLX who ran that ratio synthetic and he blew his engine pretty fast.Why 100:1?Go figure!

Re: OT: Random Rants About People

Ha, yeah Don.... there's many people out there that are legends in their own minds... and think of everyone else as rookies .... Maybe that guy was trying to justify spending

$ 10 or more on a quart of synthetic oil by thinking that the stuff is so great that he can water it down to 100 to 1 and get away with it.... if a person is worried about the high cost of synthetic oil, instead of economizing by running the gas mixture super lean and risk destroying the motor, better to buy inexpensive natural oil and use as much as your heart desires ! smoke smoke smoke :)

Re: OT: Random Rants About People

I think people named paul that go to CWRU in cleveland aren't too bright.

Re: OT: Random Rants About People

That's a stellar point,Jimmy!And Don.What on earth do you mean by that?Whoosh! Right over MY head!

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