carb stuff has me PO'ed

ok, im all frustrated & confused about the larger carb deal..... my tomos isnt a stock A3 (BT pipe, CDI) and im wondering a few things.

first where CAN you get bigger carbs for Tomos? i saw that mopeds online place, but their WAY 2 expensive.

second, when i get the thing, am i gonna have2 get out the welder and hacksaw 2 get it2 fit? (all of you performace tuners out there know what i mean!)

third (and unrelated) thing. im putting 2gether a Honda 350 using 2 so-so bikes 2 make 1 good one & im a little lost in the way of parts, dumb stuff like new chrome tops for the fork legs & stuff. any1 have any stuff like that for these bikes hanging around? id really like 2 get it 2gether by next summer (VJMC rally in Daytona beach FL!) :)

by the way Tomos A3 stands for Automatic 3

sorry 4 being a little pissed, rebuild the front shocks on the Tomos last night (NASTY old grease in em!) so its not 2 high on my hot list :P


Re: carb stuff has me PO'ed

Hey, cool down, HA! Call or write Chris at he has some performance carbs that bolt on like oreginal. Thinking about the 15/15 Delorto or it may be too much carb, Chris will advise you for free phone# (877)268-6909 toll free call Good Luck! Doug D. in VA

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