hey,i was wondering if it was possble to put nitrous on a moped. a person i know said he has t put on his moped. and are 70cc egines avalable for a tomos targa? or just the bore kit. thanks

RE: nitrous?!

Anything is possible.... including Nitrous on a moped.... but for the cost of the moped plus the nitrous system ($600 minimum) you could just buy a decent 15 year old motorcycle with better performance.... and you have to re-fill the nitrous bottle after every 10 runs or so.

RE: nitrous?!

I was thinking about what it would take to do nitrous on my moped. from what i hear, it's pretty simple on cars. the problem is that with cars its not hard to find a regulator for it. apparently you need to have your fuel/air mix and timing right otherwise you can damage your engine. so, to do it right you'd have to build your own regulator into the carburetor somehow. of course, i could be dead wrong about what i've said, but i have heard stories about people burning out their car engines from not installing their nitrous boosters correctly. try going to the library. i've seen a couple books on nitrous boosting. they could probably get you started.

Are you CRAZY ????

Do you want to blow your moped up?..... Do you want to spend a minimum of $600 dollars for a nitrous system?.... Do you want to have to fill up your nitrous bottle after every 10 or 20 times you use it?.... for $35 each fill up?..... you will also have to have an auxiliary 6V fuel pump to pump more gasoline in to go with the nitrous.... do you know where to get one?.... do you think your wimpy 6V electrical system will power this fuel pump adequately?.... are you prepared to gear your moped taller to take advantage of your bigger HP ? .... and then your moped won't pull that gearing unless the nitrous is being used...... Don't be an idiot dude.... it's a moped !!!!!!!!!!..... not a dragracer !!!!!!!!!....... even if you did the impossible, an old $1000 motorcycle would still beat you, and he wouldn't have to buy a bottle af nitrous every 5 days..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Are you CRAZY ????

hey guys the only reason i asked is a guy said he had a shop put it in a new 70cc engine for an extra 400 dollars. i sorta saw the tank and he says it only works around 60 or so. i rode it and it hit 60 and i felt a power blast like u would not beleive!

RE: nitrous?!

to answer your other question. yes you can get 60 or 70 cc speed kits for a targa moped. i don't really recommend them though cause in my opinion the metal they are made of is low quality and unreliable. stick with the standard engine and just get a biturbo exhaust and a speed sprocket as well. that way you get a higher top end speed while not having to sacrifice the general reliablity in a tomos moped.

you can get those parts at: - they have biturbos for $89 last i checked - that is cheap


-moped army-

RE: nitrous?!

If you want the nos this is how to do it.

1- you must retard the timing 1 degree for every 100 horses added

SO for your aplication I would do half a degree thihs will keep you from


2- a sneaky pete system comes with a regulator. You will also need a

spray nosel not a bar to make the system work

3- And here is the trick to make it all work. Test have shown that if you add

the nos far enough up the intake (farther from the carb) you dont need to add any more fuel. and you wont run higher exhaust temps. I would redo your intake and start out at a foot frm the carb.

RE: nitrous?!

Yo. I've got a new Tomos Targa with the 27 tooth sprocked and bi-turbo. It's not all that. You may get a little more top end but you do lose what precious little bottom end you had. I've been talking to this company out in Europe and they say they've got kits where you can adjust the levels down to one or two HP. Still expensive though, 500+ shipping and crap but, considering there's a shortage in 60cc kits (the 70cc kits are unreliable crap) I'm looking down that path too. E-mail me personally if you want man.


P.S. Supposedly you don't need any other tools except for a power drill and standard screwdrivers. Later

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