Reeperette /

"Klytus, I'm bored....what plaything can you offer me today?"

As of late, work's been slow to dead, so....if ya live reasonably close to the east of Ann Arbor area, and could use an expert hand with some work on yer 'ped, lemme know willya ?

Sure beats the hell out of paying some cycle mechanic too much money to make things worse, I figure....and damned if I would charge for something I am doin just to have somethin to do.

Bonus points for thems that can identify that quote, heh.


Re: Boredom.

gimmyjimmy /

is it from the "Dukes" Ree?

Re: Boredom.

Is that from the Simpsons?

Re: Boredom.

is would have sadi simpsons but its more likely dukes of hazard

No Winner yet.

Reeperette /

Nope - neither one.

Hint - it's not from TV.


Re: Boredom.

Looks like Hal's `Green Lantern' to me,Ree!Ha!What points do I get?

Re: No Winner yet.

InfectedBootSector /

Shit... I was going to say "Deliverance", but that is just how people talk here...

OI think it's Flash Gordon,Ree!

That is Ming the Merciless asking Klytus about amusement.Turns out Klytus offers hium the Earth.Right?

Ding Ding Ding!

Reeperette /

We have a winner!

You are correct Don, it's from the intro scene of Flash Gordon.

I always get that scene in mind when I get real bored.

10 Bonus points for Don.


Re: Ding Ding Ding!

Hey! I'm feelin' a little better about Ming the Merciless now!WOW! Ten bonus points!Ding,ding,ding,ding,..............I actually watched that Flash Gordon movie the other day,and didn't have to put up with those stupid jerk commentators on Mystery Science Theater.Wish I'd a' taped it!

Re: cmon don they never

play a classy movie like that on MST,, I love to watch it on saturday morning before bed but ,,, since I dont drink anymore it doesnt seem quite as funny,,,lot a things like that now.........Rog

So,Rog,............... workin' night shift now?Some people must like M.S.T., I guess,but I don't like all the interruptions.Now if they were interrupting a speech by my boss,or some people I know,it would probably be `funnier than a rubber crutch'.

Re: So,Rog,...............

Matt-Cincy /

mmmm, rubber crotch...

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