Puch Maxi Seat

My '78 Puch Maxi has long seat and pegs for a second rider, however the seat is clamped to the luggage rack thingy. All the pictures I've seen on the net of this model/year have the single person bicycle seat. Did certain ones come with one seat and one with the other or is my seat a custom job?



RE: Puch Maxi Seat

Anthony Sperling /

Kelly, does your PUCH have wire spoke wheels or Mag alloy wheels? The seat (and special short luggage rack) you describe are

from the PUCH SPORT Mk II. Perhaps someone swapped the seat and luggage rack from a SPORT onto your MAXI, but maybe

you have a SPORT and someone put the plastic chain guard from a MAXI on it by mistake! If you have the Mag wheels, you have a SPORT

RE: Puch Maxi Seat

Thanks for the help. I finally had a good look at everything. It's a MAXI. I just bought it and it was dark when I got it home and the big seat was covering the MAXI label. Someone put the seat on. I don't know if it's from another PUCH but it works better for me anyway. - only the luggage rack unusable because of it. I'm thinking of getting a saddlebag for storage. But otherwise, it's all original and running like a champ after I dissolved the rust in the gas tank.

Thanks again.


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