registering a moped in NY

How do I do it? The mopeds never been registered as far as i know. How do i do it legally and quickly?

Re: registering a moped in NY

First, you call the Technical Services Bureau to see if your year/make/model is on the NYS DMV certified list and what class it is. If it's not on the list, you won't be able to legally register it. Phone number 518-474-5282

Then you need to fill out MV-82, MV-51, MV-51b, and DTF-802. (The seller must sign the MV-51b if the ped has been in your possession for less than one year. Otherwise, you sign it.) The seller must also sign MV-51. You will also need a hand-written bill of sale with the year, make, model, price, VIN, date of sale, seller's and buyer's names, addresses and signatures. You will need a photo or pencil rubbing of the VIN. You will need an insurance card if your ped is class B or A. You will need your driver's license, money and patience. If your ped is class A, you need a motorcycle license. Knowledge of the procedure is very helpful, too.

Forms here:

Moped registering info here: (edited)

Re: registering a moped in NY


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