Honda Pa50 Carb help needed PLEASE

hi, i got a 1980 Honda PA50 Moped and i was just want to know what is the matter with the carburator if ive did everything to clean it out and it still doesnt work. Ive used solvents, and even high powered air compessors. The thing is it only works on a full choke and sometimes not even on full choke. Could it possibly be that the gaskets are shot and worn out and air is leaking in i have no clue

if u have any knowledge on this problem i would greatly appriceate it if u were to give me your ideas, please email me at

Honda PA50 Carb cleaning

Why do people come on message boards and ask people to email them ?

You asked the question here... I will answer it here.


You are right... if it will only run with the choke on... then the carb still has clogged orifices in it.

You didn't do a good job describing how you cleaned it.

Did you take the floatbowl off and remove the main jet and look thru it ?

You HAVE to do that.

Next... you need to push out the brass 'emulsion tube' that the main jet pushes up against.

I had to use a small allen wrench and stick it in the car throat and pry downwards on the brass piece..... it is usually kind of stuck in there.... you have to push it out the bottom.... you might have to make/bend a 'pusher' to push it out.

once you get it out... you will see it probably has clogged orifices in it... clean them out

Then... Blow the whole carb out again (all orifices)... then reassemble...

And put an inline fuel filter in the fuel line !!!

Good luck.

Re: Honda PA50 Carb cleaning

That happened to mine and I had my carb nice and clean. I always was having to put the choke on. I then cleaned out my tank extremely thoroughly. It then ran better than ever.

Put some nuts and bolts inside your tank and fill it will water and shake it a bunch. do this a number of times.

Your petcock might be restricting a full fuel flow. Clean that too.

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