What is this?


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Andrew Squiggman /

a rusty motorcycle sitting in front of a window with a light blanket of snow on the ground.

Re: What is this?

It looks a bit like a bsa m20 or c10. I'd guess it is 1940's, and about 250cc.

Re: What is this?

its sweet

Re: What is this?

Is this the only Photo you have ?

Re: What is this?

git That!...

Re: What is this?

Yes, it's the only picture I have. I am waiting for more!

It really seems to be a BSA M20, thanks Grey.

I will post more pictures if I buy it!

Re: What is this?

It is not a BSA M20 as that model has a flathead engine whereas the one in the photo is overhead valve.

I believe that saqabsonnetguy is on the right track but it could be a number of other small units, maybe Ariel?

Re: What is this?

it also looks like a giant rusty paperweight that just might have rabies too,,,the perfect restoration project

Re: What is this?

I think we have a winner.

Norton 16h. The model used by Che guevara for his journey across south america.


But it' not a moped.

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