'78 Puch Maxi Tune-up

I just purchased a '78 Puch Maxi - it is my first moped. It has only 500 miles on it and seems to run well however there are a few things that I need some advice/suggestions for.

The Run/Off switch is broken but it start right up if you pedal and quickly pull the clutch. Is there a way/need to replace this mechanism.

Also, when I test drove it - it ran awesome. Then I had to throw it on its side in my Jeep and when I took it out, I let it sit for a second, started it up and took it for a spin. It ran awesome until I hit a little hill and tried to give it more gas. After letting it sit for awhile, I started it up and it rode fine for a good 20 minutes, but started stalling again. Like I said, I just got it and haven't gone through it yet. I know there's a little rust in the tank - not bad though - that I need to deal with. Someone suggested using "Kreem" - any other suggestions? It has a lot of bite and seems to want to run, so I'm not that worried but any helpful hints or info on common problems or things to look for/be aware of with this model/year would be appreciated?

Also, there was a key lock that doesn't work any more. Can it be replaced? If so, where can I get one?



RE: '78 Puch Maxi Tune-up

As far as mopeds that don't run right it is almost always clogged jets and passageways in the carb when a bike has been sitting for years........Take the carb off...take the floatbowl off the carb.... find the main jet in the center (its a brass piece) and remove it and hold it up to the light to look thru it.... it has to be clean as a whistle...I use some soft copper multi-strand speaker wire or lampcord wire to poke out whatever crud might be clogging it.... You skould also have a can of aerosol carb cleaner and an air nozzle to shoot compressed air... you should also remove the idle mixture screw (count how many turns out it is before you remove it!)... then spray the carb cleaner into the orifices on the air filter side of the carb.... followed by compressed air.... do this several times for every orifice each way.... then reassemble it and try to start it.

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