Wiring terminal

Christopher Staggs /

How do I wire my moped and not make it look like abunch of spagetti? Any thoughts or pictures.

Re: Wiring terminal

Go to an automotive store and buy either spilt loom, heatshrink, or spiral wrap. Or some combination of the three. And tape. You can get 10 rolls for $5 at home depot but you should also get some good tape like super 33

Re: Wiring terminal

remove all of those unnecessaries and hardwire! no turns, no low beam and a relocated kill switch makes it super clean and simple.

Re: Wiring terminal

I was just pondering the same thing with a friend, So we did on his... we used a trailer connection for cdi, and hardwired the rest. Barely even see it. Kept factory switches, but removed the excess crap... looks good.

Re: Wiring terminal

M∆®†Y Køk€š /

I was thinking about doing something similar as far as the trailer connector goes. It'd be nice to have a quick disconnect for when I want to pull the engine off. I've had bad luck with bullett connectors making crappy connections.

Re: Wiring terminal

I used these from an autoparts store. They really turn out clead and watter tight.

You have to get special micro crimping tool for about 15.00

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