A nice little bonus!

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

My son turns 16 next Friday, and will shortly after be getting his license. I'm sure most parents know what this can do to your auto insurance rates. Enter mopeds.

I'm not sure about all insurance companies, but mine will rate my son on the lowest cost vehicle on our policy. Being rated on one vehicle insures him to drive all the vehicles on the policy. For me that includes a 2004 Suburban, a 1993 Ford Escort, a 1973 Dodge truck, and my mopeds. So because of the 3 mopeds I have covered, my rate will only increase by about

$15 a month.

By comparison, when I was still a teenager, I had to buy my own policy. Only one 1978 Chevy truck. Minimum coverage. $150 a month.

Mopeds- sticking it to insurance compaies.

Re: A nice little bonus!

is he paying insurence and gas?

Re: A nice little bonus!

Nail Shreaer /

Jimbo Daddy = Super awesome Daddy!

Serious, man, letting him drive different vehicles is a great idea, getting him confident on all sortsa levels. He'll be pretty badass on a moped at 16, too!!

Re: A nice little bonus!

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Yep. Even at only $15 a month, a little lesson in paying your bills would be a good thing, methinks.

Re: A nice little bonus!

damn what i would do for 15 buck insurence bump that id kill for 100bucks

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