Happy Birthday to Tony

I'll hoist a pint to Tony and a very merry unbirthday to Nicola.


Re: Happy Birthday to Tony


Re: Happy Birthday to Tony

puts on a little hat for the cake boy

Re: Happy Birthday to Tony

Reeperette /

Did I hear pints mentioned ? <perk>

Happy B-day..<chug-chugh-chugga>


Re: Happy Birthday to Tony

a toast!

i wished him a happy one on the other thread... but damnit, ill do it here too! happy birthday, new guy!


Re: Happy Birthday to Tony

.....So Tony, What the heck is a wanker anyway? And if it's bloody, is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;o)


Oh yeah

...and by the way, pints are for sissys. Down heyar in the south we drink it by the quart. Mostly 'causen it's cheaper and has the convenient screw-off top.

Hmmm, mebbe I'll go down ta my cousin's trailer. She's been lookin purty good and I seen her yesterdee at the dollar store with a coupla quarts of "The Bull". Hey Wanda Jean! Put on the Skynyrd record, I'm comin' over! (Damn, Can sumbody help me push my Camaro?)

Re: Oh yeah

Rusty Spokes /

Skynyrd ROCKS!!!

<img src=" http://www.gifs.net/animate/hillbilly.gif"> ;

Re: Oh yeah

yeah so do southerners.

Re: Oh yeah

Northerners ( Canadians) wish Tony a Happy Birthday on the rocks.

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