Maybe I Have Chinese Knockoff Tomos

Okay, just kidding but I need to rant a little.

This morning, I don't know how I did this, but I realized I'd put the pedal shaft spring sleeve on the wrong side. I'd even looked at the diagram beforehand. Fine. The freakin' cotter pins of course wouldn't come out. Fine. Heat gun, rubber mallet lightly, nope. Vice grip on edge of pedal and top of pin, yes. Fine. The plastic side panel was put on in a way that the shaft sleeve wouldn't go on, meaning the shaft wasn't centered in the plastic chrome opening. It was butt up against the pedal shaft. I also noticed that whoever assembled the bike stripped the bolt holding the cover on! Of course it's just the tip, but it's got it's own threads now, slightly off from the rest. Fitting the plastic cover on so the shaft was centered and the sleeve would go on wasn't working. Remember I had trouble with the plastic Revival tank fitting over the battery. I swear on this green polluted Earth I know how the battery was supposed to fit. On it's side with the rubber strap. Didn't work. So I had to dremel the hole like a 16th of an inch larger so the sleeve would fit. Fine.

Anyway, it's all back together.

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And I'm broke so I can't pay to register it until Dec 1. Fine.

Thanx for letting me rant,


Re: Maybe I Have Chinese Knockoff Tomos

DANG - you are patient with that bike!

Re: Maybe I Have Chinese Knockoff Tomos

Well, I lost my scooter a while back so have been pedaling human power lately. I have ridden it on the street where I live, it's enclosed so at least I'm getting a feel for her. But yeah, I really want to go further. I'm secretly hoping my Father will step in and I can pay him back. He's 84 and I'm helping him with lots-o-stuff so? I had to buy cat litter today! Yes, CAT LITTER! and that $9+ did me in.

Best to ya,


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