Exhaust Cleaning

I recently cleaned the exhaust on my 78 Puch Maxi Moped. It makes a big difference. Picked up about 2mph, accelerates faster, and now accelerates up hills.

One hill by my house I was able to go only 20mph up the hill, now it goes up to 25mph. My top speed is 35mph on a slight downhill run.

RE: Exhaust Cleaning

Can you give a step by step procedure for the benefit of the board. Thanxs!

1978 Puch Newport Yeah!

RE: Exhaust Cleaning

Out of curiosity, how does one clean out the exhaust? Mine looks pretty bad, but I don't know how to clean it.



RE: Exhaust Cleaning


Do the following:

- disconnect the pipe and muffler from the cylinder and frame;

- if possible, detach the exhaust manifold from the muffler itself;

- secure the parts so that they don't move, or prepare some pliers with long handles to hold them;

- fire up the blowtorch, wait until it warms up and the flame turns blue and steady;

- start burning the parts by letting the fire through the pipes. Remember that if your exhaust is chrome-coated you shouldn't burn too long to save the chrome.

You will see smoke and flames coming out from them. As the smoke gets thinner and the char becomes greyish, stop burning, put the pipes on the earth and knock them gently with a wooden stick to crush the char from the inside. When all the char seems to be out, leave the pipes to cool down on the gound. Don't pour water on them - this will damage the chrome and soften the steel.

Things may become blueish from heat but it looks in a way cool, as though your ped is a kick-ass nitromethane dragracer :-)

Anyway, you may try some special chemical solvents, which is a lot safer, but that's how I tend to solve the problem.

RE: Exhaust Cleaning

When you say to use a blowtorch to clean the exhaust, do you mean a propane torch or oxy-acetylene torch?

RE: Exhaust Cleaning

By saying blowtorch I actually mean a gasoline blowtorch. Don't now what it is? Well, it's a steel tank with a handle, an air pump and a burning assembly on top. The burning assembly consists of a pre-heating tube, a vent and a nozzle. If you don't have this thing, you can use your propane torch but with care because it's a lot hotter than the gasoline one, and you can just unweld the muffler seams, so don't open it to full throttle.

RE: Exhaust Cleaning

This is how I cleaned my exhaust without a blow torch, on a 78 Puch Maxi.

Remove exhaust, and take apart, remove the nut from back of exhaust.

Now yow should have 4 pieces.

I will call them the main exhaust (the piece that connects to head)

there is the exhaust baffle, and a little exhaust baffle tube, and the chrome exhaust pipe.

The main exhaust - I cleaned with a scrapper for the outside part, and a metal clothes hanger for the inside part. Use the hanger in all the holes of the main exhaust scrapping as much junk as you can from the inside of the exhaust.

The exhaust baffle and the tube should be soaked in kerosene. At least one night.

Then that should be scrapped and cleaned with the hanger also.

The chrome piece I cleaned with kerosene and newspapers for the inside and a brillo pad on the outside to remove the rust spots. Then I waxed chrome.

It is a messy job so use alot of newspapers.

RE: Exhaust Cleaning

my exhaut is pretty clogged i have a 78 yamaha chappy anyone got ideas to clean it

Want the real way to clean a 2 stroke muffler/exha

Ok u guys and ur blow torches are crazy, Why dont we just through our mufflers of cliffs ey????? Anyone out there got dishwashers??? Probaly yes! Well we all know how to work one,, ya know put the soap in. Butt, Instead of soap you use ARMOR ALL CAR WASH CONCENTRATE. it is a blue substance. Pick it up at meijers or target or auto stores. Do not put anything in the washer with the mufler. Put it through 2 Dishwashing cycles. Each time put only a small amount (about 2/3 you would normaly put in with dishes) of that armor all car wash. After the Second cycle take it out immediatly! Blow drie it from one side, (or if you have a larger muffler on your moped like my kymco cobra's.) you can also roll up som napkins and put them in there and pull them out to speed it up.

This will work ive done it before. Email me or post your coments or questions


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set it on fire

if you don't want to use a blowtorch ... or a dishwasher, you can do it the decepticon way:

pour some gasonline on the muffler, set it in the corner of a parking lot, and light the puppy on fire. after it cools, knock out the charred carbon. it works really well. and it's a blast to watch. we get excited about that ...

oh, and it saves the price of a blowtorch. ;-)

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