Nuclear Power Plant terrorism ^Don-Ohio^

Hey don what if the crash a airplane in the nuclear power plant? you and all of the ~ohio'ins~ are fucked!. keep it safe there man

What if what if what if what if

What if a huge meteorite hits the earth ?

What if there was the biggest earthquake ever ?

What if all the volcanos went off at once ?

What if Russia sold Nukes to Iraq ?


The fact is.... those 3 planes hijacked that one day... was the ONLY attack of that nature EVER !!!!!!

And if the dumbasses had listened to the Israeli security experts 15 years earlier... they could have prevented the whole gawd damn thing by PUTTING STRONGER DOORS ON THE COCKPITS !!!!!!!


I say quit worrying about it... and for that matter... quit flying all the F16 fighter sorties over all these ciities .... it is a huge waste of money.

There is nothing this country is better at than wasting money and acting stupid.

We ignore simple solutions to small problems till they become big problems... then we go ridiculously overboard and try to kill an ant with a 1000 tons of TNT.

Re: What if what if what if what if

500 Tons of TNT will take care of the biggest ant.


Re: What if what if what if what if

gimmyjimmy /

i hate ants.....kill, kill, KILL THE ANTS!

Re: What if what if what if what if

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

The F16s are there only to placate the populace to take the heat off the politicians and itelligence agencies who were caught with thier pants down. The F16s are visible so people feel something is being done.

The most effective work being done, the public will never see.

There are a lot of bad guys nervously checking their rear view mirrors these days.

Re: Nuclear Power Plant terrorism ^Don-Ohio^

My god.. that was about as dumb as you could get.. i bet if they crashed a plane into your job it would be fucked too..

Re: Nuclear Power Plant terrorism ^Don-Ohio^

Wow Duck all I can say is, damn good point.

Well, that too.

Reeperette /

Of course....consider this.

I dealt with heavy baltimore city traffic for many a year and a near-fatal wreck, and rebuilt and rode a damn moped before they'd even fixed the damage...

You really think some asshole miles away who's gotta bug up his rear about our way of life is really gonna scare me, or cause me to live my life in fear, or change one WHIT of what I do because of it ?

The minute you do that - they win.

Like how I feel about it, besides...any jerk tryin to hijack a plane I am on is likely to need a proctologist to remove that prosthetic leg of mine from his ass, where it'd wind up in short what if he shoots me, so what if I die - fer cryin out loud, lifes a dangerous place, you could trip over a curb and break your neck, ya look at it that way.

I enjoy my life, and when I find out what comes after I don't intend to be loaded with shoulda-dones and regrets.

To live in fear - that's not to live at all.


Re: Nuclear Power Plant terrorism ^Don-Ohio^

Hey,Maynard! I'm with the guys on this one!Security was breached because of a careless attitude.It will be breached again,but, pray God,not to that horrendous outcoming we had!Like Zippy said,there is A LOT MORE going on behind the scenes than the media and we know.MANY terrorists' days of plotting against the innocent men,women,and children are numbered.Just think if flight 93 had hit it's intended target also?I only am a little fly on the wall here,Maynard.That's why Nuclear plants AND CHEMICAL PLANTS have sophisticated fail-safe systems incorporated into them.Because ANYBODY can be killed or make a mistake.My job is protecting the environment and the public.But I support all the increased measures the gov't is taking,even though I hate that it necessarily involves watching Muslims and Middle Easterners more carefully.Whatever you think of him;Bush is doing everything he can and being BOLD about it.A President can't be indecisive after 9-11!Like Duck said:What facility can survive a 767 being flown into it?Not many.For that reason I feel a little better knowin' that Wright- Patterson AFB is only minutes away by fighter jet.

Re: Nuclear Power Plant terrorism ^Don-Ohio^

Don Wrote:

"....Wright- Patterson AFB is only minutes away by fighter jet...."

isn't that where they keep the saucers and alien bodies?


........That's area 51,but you didn't hear it from me!LOL !!

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