Silicon Rectifier?

It is part of the electrical system on my bike, but i wud like to know whut it does?

Re: Silicon Rectifier?

It always helps if you give the make and model hat you are talking about.

You probably have a moped that uses a battery for the lights.

The silicon rectifier allows the battery to charge without letting it drain out thru the altrernator when the engine is stopped.

These get damaged if you run the bike without a battery. They can be expensive and impossible to find except used.


Re: Silicon Rectifier?

It converts AC current to DC current. The current coming out of your bike's magneto is AC. The battery needs to be charged so one of your circuits goes to the battery to keep it charged up when the engine is running. Before the current goes to your battery which is DC it goes through the reticfier and is converted from AC to DC.

Go here to read more about it.

Re: Silicon Rectifier?

its a 1972 yamaha g5. it does have a baterry, and its 6 volt. i put a volt meter to it, and it puts out 9 volts, at idle, and upto about 18 in the higher revs. It has a night and day circut, the day circut puts out a little bit less voltage. was wondering if i could possible make it 12 volt? cud i connect both the day and night circuts to the battery to charge it better?

Re: Silicon Rectifier?

I would strongly recommend NOT trying to convert it to a 12v.

Your light bulbs are all 6v and probably 5 or 10 watts. Does your bike have electric start?

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