please help....... hi all, dont know if this will work. installed a high performance cylinder, and high performance air filter on my puch maxi 2hp. bought it from chris advised going up a couple of jet sizes with this upgrade. its bogging heavily. too much air i assume? dont want to run it like this incase its too lean. did a plug chop, and it seems a little on the lite side.i really have to feather the throttle to get it to go. it seems to run better with the choke down.when its up it dies out. would you guys say too much air? or maybe dirty carb? (just cleaned recently). thanks........................

Re: please help.......

Clean the carb again for good measure.

If the choke helps you run better, you have a lean situation. A bigger main jet could be the solution, but first determine you don't have an air leak in you intake tract.


Re: please help.......

thanks jim. anyone else???

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