I've been screwed! Flat rear.

So, went to wheel my 82 QT50 back into the garage after a spin the other day, and there's a nice 2" woodscrew 'bout half in well up on the sidewall of my rear tire.

Okay, I'll just patch that tube... Not so easy. Do I really have to remove the muffler to get the wheel off the right (throttle) side? What are the chances of salvaging the exhaust gasket? The threads on that wheel aren't backwards or anything, are they? It just won't budge for me. How the heck do I get the wheel to wedged so's I can torque it off without applying downward pressure that might damage the tire/tube even more or put pressure on the spokes? The tire and tube are undoubtedly old and not up to major force from the rim pinching 'em.

And while we're on the subject... Does anyone have a line on 14 x 2 and 14 x 2.25 tires with some meat on 'em for offroad? The street tires are way to squirrely in anything loose. And new tubes?



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