Cleaning Fluid?

I was in the auto store the other day picking up parts for my car (my other hobby) and I saw a bottle of those "clean out your engine" things. It's supposed to clean out the carbon build up and increase the fuel economy etc...I was wondering if anyone has ever used this on their moped? I didnt get a chance to read the bottle so Im not sure if it would work since the gas is pre-mix. I figured with all the carbon build up in the cylindar head, might help. I plan on dismantling the entire engine this winter when theres too much snow on the ground to ride the 'ped safely and do a complete rebuild..but its just a thought i had.

Sorry for the rambling post


RE: Cleaning Fluid?

Don't do it!

Most of the products made for autos are not compatible with two-strokes and cause more problems than they solve. If you have all the winter to work on your 'ped, it's no big deal to properly clean the engine internals and decarbonize everything.You'll be glad once the good weather returns.

And whatever you do, never put aluminum parts in a hot tank. The caustic solution will literally make them disappear.


RE: Cleaning Fluid?

Reeperette /

Most of them do not work, but adding a teaspoon or so of grain alcohol (ok, it was 'shine, but still..) never did mine any harm.


RE: Cleaning Fluid?

OMC sells a cleaning fluid for Outboard motors. It is in a can and you spray into carb, until motor stalls, then let sit for a while. It is called OMC Engine tuner, and it is made to clean the carbon out of the motor. I use it on my outboard every other year, and I plan on trying it on the moped.

RE: Cleaning Fluid?

One thing I do to keep the carbon down is use STP Lead additive. It is a fuel conditioner. Ever since I started using it the blue smoke out of the tailpipe went away and the moped is smoother, quieter, and has more pep. Here is my fuel cocktail recipe 1:25 fuel/oil mixture (I use Castrol 2-stroke oil), and one capful of the STP stuff per gallon. I have used it for 2 years in my '78 Puch with no problems. On the flat I can get to 35 and down hill 45 mph (any faster I get scared), that's with no mods!

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