Get SUV trend

Think the roads are unsafe now ? Wait until these babies start hitting the showroom floors and the Jone's all try to keep up with each other !


Reeperette /

I want one of them Lincoln Mortifiers...

I've always been way partial to hearses, my username kinda hints at it, they rock.

I saw a hot-rod hearse once and about went into droolshock.

They actually have SUV's that bad in MI right now called excutive limosines....I kid you not, and chauffers license and permits, notwithstanding, I have refused to drive em cause I consider em unsafe roadhoggin fuel wastin deathtraps.


Re: Actually...

I saw a "Roadster Pickup" made from a Kenworth once at a truck show. The top of the cab had been cut off and a custom pick up bed had been added.

It was running without a hood so you could see the detailed Cummins engine.

And they guy wouldn't sell it!


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