Honda Express "IOWA" ????

I just bought 2 1982 Honda Express II`s. They are identicle in every detail, except one of them says IOWA on it? I looked in my Honda Identifier guide, and it does mention an "IOWA" model! But it doesn`t say what the difference is?

The woman i got them from did say that one of them has always been much faster than the other but she never said which one? I never noticed the IOWA until i got home! Does anyone know what the difference is between the IOWA model and a regular Express???



Re: Honda Express "IOWA" ????

The "Iowa" was designed to conform to Iowa state laws at the date it was manufactured. It is restricted to 20 mph top speed.

Re: Honda Express "IOWA" ????

David Wilinsky /

Im sure if you find out which parts on the bike are used to restrict it, you can replace them with the normal (non-Iowa) Express part.

just a thought.

Re: Honda Express "IOWA" ????

Go here and ask the MopedWhiz.

Re: Honda Express "IOWA" ????

I read in a Honda Express repair manual that the IOWA model only goes 25, as the others go 30.

I guess back in the day there was some restriction.


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