I'm desperate for some help!

I can't for the love of me figure out whats wrong with my ped. It stopped running back in november because of a clogged carb.

I finally cleaned the carb about 3 weeks ago. (winter laziness) I thought it was a wire problem and I'm sure i got the wires together right. It is getting a spark through. But it still won't start. The tank is all clean. The petcock isn't clogged, nor is the tube. I put one of those fuel filters on it. It has compression.

Should I be able to blow in the carb through the tube? I want to try to blow to see if gas is getting through but i was wondering if that would even work. Would it hurt it?

What is wrong? What could be the problem? It's been sitting since the fall. Its really pissing me off. I want to be able to bring that baby out for the spring soon.

It's a 78 Honda PA50 (Hobbit). Thanks

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

Captain Gorgeous /

maybe your 'on' switch isnt on

God knows ive been there

taking trips out to get new sparkplugs

because your not getting spark

all because of that damned 'on' switch

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

bypass the kill switch!!! I was pulling my hair out trying to start mine.even had a spark, just wasnt strong enough to start the bike. Dont assume the switch is on, completley bypass it before you try anything else

I doubt its the switch

Just go back thru the steps in that guide... you are not getting one of the 3 items.




It is simply one of those 3.. one of them is fooling you.

Have you bought a NEW plug ?

Have you tried squirting a bit of gas in the spark plug hole ?

Re: I doubt its the switch

I have a brand new plug. But I have not tried squirting gas into the hole. I'll try that but it'll end up being a couple of weeks before I do. My ped isn't at my house, it's in a friends garage across town. Is there anything else I could try?

Re: I'm desperate for some help!


You stated it stopped running in November because of a clogged carb so I assume something that came from the gas tank clogged it.

If you are looking for an easy fix, do what Fred suggested and squirt some starter fluid in the spark plug hole, replace the plug and cap and see if it tries to start. If it does, then you are not getting gas.

If it did try to start, remove the carb and see if there is any gas in the float bowl.

If there isn't gas in the float bowl, clean the fuel path from the fuel intake into the bowl. Check the float needle valve to make sure it doesn't have varnish on it that would make it stick shut or clog the fuel flow.

If there is fuel in the float bowl, reclean your jets (main and idle, if there is one) Use a cleaner, solvent or just plain old hot soap and very hot water to clear out any varnish and then blow out the jet with compressed air.

Make sure your inline filter isn't on backwards and is restricting fuel flow.

If the ped hs been sitting for awhile you probaby have debris in the gas tank that is working it's way into the carb and plugging the main jet.

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

I just barely cleaned the carb throughyl. I CLeared every single passage with compressed air and carb cleaner. The carb is completely clean. I cleaned the tank a number of times. The gas is getting out of the tank without debris. I know the inline filter is on the right way.

clean gas is flowing from the tank to the carb. But I don't know if it is getting into the carb. It should because I cleared every orifice of that carb thoroughly. I just don't want to take that damned carb off again. It's such a pain in the ass, and anyone who owns a PA50 knows the same.

I'll try putting starter fluid or gas into the spark hole. Thanks

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

I feel for you Collins....Honda's suck when you have to clean the carb!

Re: I'm desperate for some help!


What if it does not try to start when I put the gas in the spark plug hole?

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

oh really, crisis?



Re: I'm desperate for some help!

merlin311 /

thats alright i just got my engine back and i finished putting it together i try to start it it wants to start but one big prob my throttle is rusted in place.so im going to take the carb off later and see if i cant get it unstuck.

i cant wait to get this thing running maybe later on hopefully:)if so ill go take it out tonite and ride around seeming how the weathers clear

like march 15 im going to a three day nhra drag racing event in berkeley i cant wait im takin my ped.seeming how my truck isnt running itll have to do.

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

Well if you squirt starter fluid directly into the cylinder and put everything back and it doesn't try to start then obviously you have gas because you just put it in the cylinder so the problem would point to no spark, weak spark or spark at the wrong time (timing). You said earlier you had spark, what color is the spark, red/yellow or blue/white?

You also said you don't know if gas is getting into the carb. When you try to start the ped a few times and then remove the spark plug, it should be wet. If not there is a blockage somewhere in the fuel path.

I just checked the procedure for removing the carb and it does sound like a pain. Do you have a manual?

Try this, pull the fuel line fron the tank end. Rig a hand bicycle hand pump or something like a Super Soaker water gun so you can add a little force to the fuel flow. You are going to use gas instead of water. The fuel normally flows via gravity through the petcock, through the fuel line, through the fuel path in the carb and into the carb float bowl.

What you want to determine is it getting into the float bowl.

I think your float bowl has an overflow tube. What you want to do is GENTLY apply a little pressure to see if you can force gas through the fuel line into the bowl until it overflows out the bottom through the overflow tube. Don't force it TOO hard.

If the gas won't easily go into the float bowl or backs up and overflows and won't go in, that is one of the things you are trying to find out.

If it doesn;t flow easily or not at all you have a clogged fuel path to the bowl.

Either the fuel path tube has varnish in it and won't let the Float needle valve slide up and down or the pin that holds the float in place is gunked up causing the float to stay in the UP position, thus causing the Float needle valve to block the flow of gas (this is what it is supposed to do, but not from a stuck float but a full bowl).

If gas does flow easily into the flow bowl and out the overflow tube with very little or no extra force then you have proved it's getting into the bowl in a normal fashion.

The next place the gas has to go is it is sucked up through the main jet and then into the intake manifold or pipe. If the jet is clogged gas is going to stay in the bowl but your ped is not going to start.

So if it is not getting fuel properly through any of these points, you are going to have to remove that carb again and clear the obstruction

Hope this helps, good luck

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

the spark is blue...if you still want to know

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

I wouldn't have ask if i didn't want to know, now would I?

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

what does it matter what the color is?

Re: I'm desperate for some help!

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